Kia is Korea's second largest car manufacturer, after Hyundai (which owns it) and a favourite among drivers the world over thanks to the cars' practicality, reliability and a fantastic seven-year warranty that adds extra appeal to an already attractive line-up of cars. With Hippo Leasing you can get behind the wheel of the popular Picanto city car, the compact Rio or the spacious Sportage at attractive monthly rates. Hippo Leasing has many lease deals available for new and used Kia cars. All our deals are available with no deposit and Hippo Leasing can offer bad credit car leasing too. What's more, thanks to our Nationwide delivery, you can have your car delivered straight to your door. Browse our deals below and enquire online or call us at 01254 956 666 to lease your Kia today.

How does Kia Personal and Business Leasing Work?

Leasing a Kia offers the perfect combination of Korean reliability, modern technology, and flexible options. Whether for personal use or business purposes, it presents an ideal choice. By opting for a lease, you can drive a new Kia without the need for a large upfront payment or the commitment of purchasing the car outright. Businesses can benefit from potential tax advantages, fixed monthly costs, and the option to upgrade to the latest models. Similarly, individuals can enjoy the luxury of a new car every few years without concerns about depreciation or selling it. Leasing a Kia provides reliability, technology, and convenience without the long-term commitment.

Why Lease a Kia?

Kia is a renowned brand known for its Korean reliability and innovative approach. They are highly regarded for producing cars that provide an enjoyable driving experience, incorporate the latest features, and offer exceptional reliability. With a diverse lineup, Kia caters to a wide range of needs. If you're looking for a compact and efficient vehicle for city living, Kia has options that will meet your requirements. Alternatively, if you need a larger car with ample space for the whole family, Kia has you covered as well. Whether you're leasing for personal use or your business, Kia has the perfect car to suit your needs.

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