A walk through Hippo Leasing’s 124-point check

Date Posted 5th March 2020
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Hippo Leasing has been able to offer lease deals and car finance for used cars for years now, but do you know that we thoroughly inspect on all our cars before they can be handed over to the customer? This allows us to offer you a high-quality second-hand car that is in the best condition possible. We call it our 124-point check and it ensures our cars meet and exceed BVRLA standards, thereby ensuring not just your satisfaction as a driver, but your safety too.

When leasing a car from Hippo Leasing, your account manager will explain everything about the check to you, but for your reference, we have summarised the steps below.

The Visual Health Body Check

All our cars and vans undergo an in-depth Vehicle Visual Health Check (VVHC) at our Preparation Centre, just down the road from our Blackburn showroom.  The VVHC is a comprehensive look at every aspect of the vehicle, with 124 individual checks by the time it is complete. In this check, our specialist mechanics note what requires urgent attention, what is an advisory and what is in good condition. 124-point check begins with an assessment of the body damage: the dents, chips scratches, rust and anything else that requires our service team’s attention and looks at seven crucial aspects of the car or van.

From there we look at any external issues, internal issues that the car may have, marking off what needs to be repaired. At the Prep Centre, our Quality Assurance specialists work hard to ensure that every vehicle meets the strict standards we set. The final part of the VVHC is a road test to ensure all preparations are in tip-top condition before our customers can get behind the wheel. But what does this VVHC entail? We’ve summed it up for you below:

  • External and Electrical check-Glass
    – Mirrors
    – Bodywork
    – Exterior lights
    – Horn
    – Washers
    – Wipers
  • Inside Vehicle
    – Seatbelts operational
    – Controls
    – Switches operational
    – Hand-brake & footbrake travel operational
    -Warning lamp indicators operational
    – 12V socket warning
  • Under Bonnet
    – Engine oil level
    – Coolant level
    – Coolant
    – Oil and fluid leaks
    – Alternator belt
    – Battery condition
    -Check and top up of all fluid levels
  • Brakes
    – Brake fluid condition
    -Brake pads/disc condition
    – Hoses
    – Pipes
    – Cables
  • Running Gear
    – Wheel bearings
    – Suspension units
    – Suspension joints
    – Suspension bushes
    – Driveshafts/CV boots
  • Underside
    – Exhaust system and mountings
    – Steering rack
    – Check tyre condition (including inner, middle and outer tread depth for front and back offside and nearside tyres)
  • Road test
    – Our car specialists drive the vehicle around to ensure that there are no remaining issues.

Once this thorough process has been undertaken, the cars are ready to head to Trident Way where they will wait, ready to go to their new home – yours. Before delivery or collection, the cars will receive a top-to-bottom clean to ensure you receive your car in superb condition.

About Hippo Leasing’s Used Cars

From the budget-friendly practical used cars to prestige used cars, Hippo ensures all its second-hand cars on offer are less than three years old, so we are able to offer you cars that are as nearly new as possible – letting you save on monthly rentals, but not compromising on the quality of the car.

At Hippo Leasing, we are immensely proud of our vehicle check, and we routinely compare it to many of our competitors who will not offer the same degree of preparation. It is important to remember, however, that no matter how thorough any vehicle inspection is, the car is still used and will carry an element of wear and tear. Our vehicle check, while comprehensive, aims to ensure that your car will give you no issues during your contract with Hippo, but we cannot make the car new again.

Interested in leasing a used car from Hippo Leasing? Our comprehensive check of all our vehicles ensures are handed over to you in the best condition they can be in. Browse our cars online, or speak to us about your car leasing requirements by emailing info@hippoleasing.co.uk or calling 01254 956 666.

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