International Podcast Day: 8 Best Car Podcasts for Motoring Fans

Date Posted 28th September 2021
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One of our favourite ways to unwind and consume car content is through listening to podcasts. Are you into classic car chat? Maybe it’s automotive repair and restoration that’s more to your taste? How about daredevil stories, or just a general update on the latest cars? There’s, literally, a motoring podcast out there for everyone. So, it’s only fitting that we celebrate International Podcast Day (September 30). We’ve put together a list of 8 best car podcasts for motoring fans. In no particular order, here we go…

EV News Daily is one of the best car podcasts for ev updates

1. EV News Daily | Electric Car Podcast

With enough humour to turn dry subjects into interesting and easy listening, Martin Lee brings all things EV to your earphones. For avid followers of the auto industry, this podcast offers a digestible daily dive into the latest news and comments on electric cars, clean tech, and the future of all transport. 

Press Play on Episode 1204: IAA: Mercedes EQG, Megane E-Tech & Porsche Mission R

Rounding up all the reveals and first-looks at the cars of the future at IAA Mobility 2021. Check out our favourite concept cars from the show too.

2. TFL Talk 

With 81 episodes under their belt, and counting, TFL Talk is a relatively new podcast – and one with big aspirations. Self-proclaiming itself as the world’s most popular car podcast on the air (they’re working on it), presenters Roman and Nathan discuss everything from classic cars to new launches, covering an eclectic, and interesting, range of topics. The guys address their biggest pet peeves when driving, their personal experiences with new and iconic models – like their cross-country road trip in a Porsche Taycan – and tips, and tricks for buying cars. 

Press Play on Episode 63: These are the best and worst cars we’ve driven in the past 10 year!

In this TFLtalk, Roman and Nathan cover 10 of the best and 10 of the worst cars the TFL team have driven over the past decade, between 2011 and 2021. There have been some awesome, epic moments…but also some seriously painful ones.

Ron Ananian is the go-to car doctor and a legend when it comes to car podcasts

3. Ron Ananian: The Car Doctor

As far as car “experts” go, Ron Ananian is to motoring as Elvis is to rock’n’roll – a bit of a legend. With over 40 years of repairing cars and 27 on the radio helping listeners repair them, Ron is officially known as The Car Doctor. And rightly so. He can talk you through how to fix – and avoid – a leak on your Mustang, and help you choose the best car insurance, whilst answering a call about where to find an old Chevy Impala. He’s the gentleman mechanic that we all want on speed dial; living and breathing all things automotive.

Press Play: Why Electric Cars Won’t Make It

Ron starts this episode talking about why electric vehicles won’t make it as a concept in the US and talks about the “thieves” at a local exhaust shop that put a $2000 catalytic converter on a vehicle that didn’t need it. Plus, failed inspections, an ‘03 Mazda tribute and the costs of owning an electric and gas vehicle. 

4. The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

Speaking of automotive legends, no other TV show has had an impact on car fans quite like Top Gear, and this podcast is spearheaded by one of its presenters. Chris Harris takes to the mic with founder and co-host Edward Lovett to talk about absolutely anything and everything in the automotive world. You can expect conversations with a fantastic line-up of car-loving guests. Funny, insightful, and often very frank, episodes focus on stories related to racing, interviews with sporting stars, as well as advice and comment on the changing landscape of motoring. 

Press Play on Episode 22: Chris Harris talks Cars with Derek Bell & Damon Hill

Chris Harris is joined by racing legends Derek Bell and Damon Hill for a special video chat episode. The trio introduce the Veloce fundraising auctions coming soon to Collecting Cars. Talk also turns to the current status and future of Formula One, and the thrills and spills of Derek and Damon’s remarkable careers.

A car podcast for women and smart men definitely deserves a spot on our list of 8 best car podcasts for motoring fans.

5. The Straight Shift with The Car Chick

Meet LeeAnn Shattuck, an automotive expert, entrepreneur, speaker, author, radio and television host, and, most importantly, a race car driver. LeeAnn is known around the world as “The Car Chick” and her podcast is insightful, smart, witty, and useful. The Straight Shift is a podcast about car buying, car selling, car maintenance and repairs, safe driving tips, and general car-related nonsense designed to empower consumers. LeeAnn is also the owner of a unique car buying service, which, like her podcast, helps women and smart men navigate the automotive world.

Press Play on Episode 52: How to Protect Your Car from Rust & Bird Poop

Let’s be honest, it’s one of those things that continues to annoy drivers but is rarely addressed! If bird poop is the bane of your life, or if your car is beginning its wear and tear phase, this episode has all the tips and tricks that you need. 

6. CarExpert 

If you’re into cars, there’s no way that you haven’t heard about the CarExpert. Founded by a team of Australia’s best journalists, CarExpert is hosted by Mandy Turner with a rotating panel of guests from This is a group of experts who love cars, and love sharing their love for cars with listeners everywhere. Expect unbiased and independent car news and reviews of the latest automotive launches, events, industry updates, and so much more.  

Press Play on Episode 55: Kia Niro v Toyota C-HR, the rise of retro EVs

In this episode, Mandy is joined by William Stopford and James Wong, with Mike Costello chiming in to run through the latest in automotive news. Mike Costello dials in to talk about the increasing popularity of all-electric vehicles with retro styling, including the Honda E and the redesigned Fiat 500, while James Wong discusses his comparison of the Toyota C-HR and Kia Niro hybrids.

7. The Car Throttle Podcast 

Alex Kersten, Ethan Smale, and Jack Joy, are occasionally joined by special guests to air out their automotive laundry. They talk about all the things that we’re all thinking but never say out loud. Such as the car mods we all hate most; how to get away with speeding; and what happens when a dent repair goes horribly wrong! In a bid to offer (probably terrible) advice, and reveal their unpopular opinions, The Car Throttle Podcast has fast-become a go to for listeners. 

Press Play on Episode 35: The Stupid Mistakes We Make While Driving

On this Car Throttle Podcast, Ethan tells us about the time he ran a red light, and the team discuss ‘policing done right’ and argue about driving etiquette!

8. The Car Chat 

British YouTuber, photographer and car connoisseur, Sam Moores takes us into his world of all things automotive. The Car Chat Podcast features regular interviews with familiar faces from the industry and beyond. Primarily looking at performance vehicles and racing. world. Sam presents the show with a fun and friendly approach. His guests range from Instagram influencers to industry insiders, ready to comment on the latest topics from the motoring realm. 

Press Play on Episode 91: Petrol Ped – Automotive Youtuber on Minis, BMWs and racing

Sam and Petrol Ped chat cars, bikes, podcasting and more with a particularly intriguing chat about whether car journalists even buy new cars. 

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