Electric and Hybrid lease deals

Date Posted 14th February 2018
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Since the recent announcement that new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned in the UK from 2030, electric car sales have been soaring. The government announcement came in an effort to tackle air pollution following a similar pledge in France.

Reasons to switch to an electric or hybrid car:

  • Cutting fuel costs – hybrid and electric cars require either a lot less or no petrol/diesel, reducing running costs. Charging an electric car from empty to full could cost you as low as £1!
  • Fewer emissions and lower road tax. Opting for this kind of car will help with reduction of the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Lower emissions also give lower road tax and exclusion from the otherwise compulsory London Congestion Charge.
  • Low depreciation – depreciation of your car’s value is inevitable however choosing a hybrid car will help minimise its effects. Hybrids are among the most high-tech and modern vehicles on the road hence holding their value much better than a petrol or diesel car.

Here are a few of the best electric and hybrid lease deals currently on the market:

  1. Toyota Yaris

Personal Deal: https://goo.gl/Y8PV49

Business Deal: https://goo.gl/zmvCnm

  1. Kia Niro

Personal Deal: https://goo.gl/VX4Gpx

Business Deal: https://goo.gl/a5hgBG

  1. Toyota C-HR

Personal Deal: https://goo.gl/LkLWN1

Business Deal: https://goo.gl/cZmc3g

  1. BMW 3-Series

Personal Deal: https://goo.gl/irNejK

Business Deal: https://goo.gl/WnxEm1

  1. Porsche Panamera

Personal Deal: https://goo.gl/RabDYQ

Business Deal: https://goo.gl/fPXCkn

The grass (and planet) is certainly always greener on the other side when switching to an electric or hybrid car. Call us on 01254 956 666 or enquire here and we will ensure you get the right car at the right price.

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