Hippo Leasing’s 21 most popular cars of 2021: Did your car make the list?

Date Posted 20th December 2021
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2021 has been a funny old year for the car industry, as we continue to navigate the continued impact of COVID19.

In the new car market, we were confronted with an ongoing shortage of models from most of the major manufacturers due to a global shortage of semiconductor chips – a knock-on effect of production lines being forced to halt at the peak of the pandemic. This disruption is expected to continue well into 2022.

“Demand is there, with a slew of new, increasingly electrified, models launched but the global shortage of semiconductors continues to impact production and therefore new car registrations,” commented Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. “The industry is working flat out to overcome these issues and fulfil orders, but disruption is likely to last into next year, compounding the need for customers to place orders early.”

Due to long lead times on new cars, increasing numbers of motorists began to turn to the used car market. This led to record growth in average used car prices as demand exceeded supply, with prices increasing a record 28.6 per cent on a year-on-year and like-for-like basis.

So huge is the recent acceleration in used car prices, the market has recorded nearly five years’ worth of growth in just six months according to Auto Trader Insights, with the average sticker price increasing circa £3,400 since May 2021.

As one of the UK’s largest new and used car retailers, Hippo Leasing has experienced and met both of these challenges and opportunities head on in what has been continually challenging circumstances.

With all that said, we present to you the most enquired new and used vehicles on Hippo Leasing for 2021…

Most enquired new and used cars on Hippo Leasing: 21-11

Our most enquired vehicles from 21 to 11 are an eclectic mix, showing the variety of customers who come to Hippo Leasing and what are some of the most popular cars in UK. Is yours listed?

21. Ford Transit Custom (new)

One of only two commercial vehicles on this years list, the Ford Transit Custom is the ideal mid-size van for a variety of trades and businesses.

Renowned for its tough, functional reliability, and the superior levels of its design and craftsmanship, it also offers a wide range of innovative features and smart technologies.

20. Volkswagen T-Roc (new)

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a stylish small crossover that’s compact yet practical and takes full advantage of the current trend for SUV-styled cars.

Slightly bigger than its competitors, the T-Roc has proved to be a popular choice since launch and exudes road presence.

19. Peugeot 3008 (used)

Winner of the European Car of the Year Award in 2017, the Peugeot 3008 boasts top-of-the-range driving technology, an engine that can hold its own against its competitors, and stylish looks.

With some great used deals, it’s a very practical choice for anyone considering a crossover.

18. Ford Focus (used)

The Ford Focus has a reputation for practicality and reliability, which is why it remains one of the UK’s most popular used cars.

Offering a subtle mix of style, practicality and sporty driving characteristics, it remains a solid choice for any journey.

17. BMW 3 Series (new and used)

The BMW 3 Series is a compact executive saloon which has been key to the manufacturer building its premium status in the UK.

Flashy without being flashy, its subtlety hides its exceptional performance, driving dynamics, low running costs, technology and refinement.

16. Audi A1 (new and used)

The Audi A1 is the German car-maker’s entry-level model, and it performs like any Audi you’d expect making it a seriously fun car to drive.

As the most affordable and attainable car Audi makes, its epitomises vorsprung durch technik on a small scale.

15. Toyota Aygo (used)

The Toyota Aygo is a compact, smooth, quiet and agile city car which can tackle almost everything you throw at it.

An ideal starter car for young drivers, the Aygo is such a popular used car thanks to Toyota’s reputation for reliability.

14. Ford Ranger (new)

The Ford Ranger is one of the UK’s best-loved pick-ups. Offering head-turning style with great practicality and reliable performance both on and off-road, it’s a perfect all-round vehicle.

Whereas the semiconductor shortage has impacted sales, the Ranger managed to rank highly due to its popularity.

13. BMW 1 Series (new and used)

The BMW 1 Series is the German manufacturer’s entry-level model, offering drivers economy, handling, and elegant looks at a reasonable price.

A high-tech hatchback that has very few like-for-like competitors, no wonder the 1 Series has proved so popular for our new and used buyers.

12. Land Rover Discovery Sport (new and used)

The Land Rover Discovery Sport sits at a sweet spot in the Land Rover range, straddling the fine line between the capable Discovery and the elegant Range Rover.

A versatile compact SUV that ensures a confident drive on or off‑road, the Discovery Sport also offers a plush interior and high level of tech throughout.

11. Vauxhall Astra (used)

With a reputation for reliability and affordability, the Vauxhall Astra has been a mainstay in the used car best sellers list for decades.

One of the UK’s go-to hatchbacks, it’s practical and relatively stylish with plenty of kit no matter which spec you go for.

That’s the first half of our most enquired new and used vehicles out of the way. Let’s stop here and have a breather before we find out what the most popular UK car enquired on at Hippo Leasing is…

Most enquired new and used cars on Hippo Leasing: 10-02

10. Audi A3 (new and used)

The Audi A3 offers a level of performance and refinement above the usual suspects within the humble hatchback segment, making it a popular choice in the new and used car market.

Combining refinement and performance with aggressive styling, the Audi A3 is a sporty all-rounder with a focus specifically on the driver. From the interior and technology to performance, it’s equipped to handle any journey.

09. Audi Q5 (used)

With long lead times on the Audi Q5, many motorists have been flocking to the used car market to secure the model. This has ensured its jumped up the rankings for enquiries on Hippo Leasing in 2021 and broken into the top 10.

Combining size, performance and functionality, the Q5 is a great allrounder which offers motorists sporty SUV-styling, dynamic acceleration and agile handling all with no compromise.

08. Nissan Juke (new and used)

The Nissan Juke has had a new lease of life since its complete redesign in 2019. The second-generation model not only did away with some of the more divisive styling of the previous model but it increased its size without compromising on its handling.

The first-generation model remains a popular choice in the used car market too thanks to its reliability and light handling, with its coke-bottle styling and bulbous headlights having an equal number of fans and detractors.

07. Kia Sportage (used)

Kia are one of the few manufacturers who offer a seven-year warranty, making their brand a safe bet on the used car market. With the Sportage their best selling model in the UK and a great all-round family car, it’s no surprise to see it rank so highly in our most enquired list.

With its subtle SUV styling, the Sportage is a great combination of efficient engines, reliability, car-like handling and practical space. Is it the ultimate all-rounder? Well, there might be one other option for you to consider…

06. Nissan Qashqai (new and used)

Perennial rival to the Kia Sportage, the Nissan Qashqai pips its main competitor to the post in 2021 as the sixth most popular enquiry on Hippo Leasing.

The vehicle that that kickstarted the crossover craze by combining hatchback compactness with SUV practicality when it was launched in 2007, the Qashqai recently entered its third generation and with plenty of copycats appearing on the market since its launch its had to up its game considerably.

That has meant offering more space, better on-board tech and useful practical touches to ensure it stays in the running in the super-competitive segment. The previous generation also continues to be a popular choice in the used car market ensuring the car is one of the most popular in the UK and our most popular crossover in 2021.

05. Volkswagen Golf (new and used)

The Volkswagen Golf has a reputation for reliability and performance, built on decades as the go-to car in the hatchback segment. Not only does that make it an obvious choice in the new car market but its reputation ensures it succeeds in the used car market too.

The latest generation of the VW Golf, its eighth ‘official’, remains one of the classiest hatchbacks on the market, exemplifying its drivability and with a great level of high-tech features as well.

Much like the Nissan Qashqai listed above, though it pioneered the segment it has found itself fending off increased competition as the go-to choice, just losing out to…

04. Mercedes-Benz A-Class (used)

The phenomenal Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the go-to hatchback in the used car segment and it’s easy to see why: Classy, spacious, aspirational badge, subtle performance, and filled to the brim with tech, what’s not to love?

If there’s one thing the most recent edition of the A-Class is famous for it’s for introducing the MBUX infotainment system to the world. This epic piece of kit is able to learn and adapt over time and offers drivers everything from voice control via indirect commands such as ‘I’m cold’ and personalised driving modes. Another cool added extra the A-Class offers is augmented reality navigation: this displays a camera image of the road with overlaid directions making turns a lot more obvious.

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With the most recent A-Class having been launched in 2018, it’s just starting to show its dominance in the used car market. We fully expect it to climb the ranks further next year.

03. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (used)

With a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class hitting the market earlier this year, models from the previous generation have begun to slowly flood the used car market. With the aforementioned delays with ordering new cars, it’s a strong assumption to make that this has made it one of the most popular used car models for drivers to choose.

Originally launched in 2014, the W205 generation of the C-Class was available until recently and came in four bodystyles – saloon, estate, coupe and cabriolet – ensuring there was something suitable to everyone’s style. Add to that the brand value, aspirational badge, and all-round refinement and it’s no surprise its Mercedes’ most popular model.

While the car subtly changed over its seven year lifespan, with refreshes and updates along the way to ensure it tech and features were current, the basic styling only underwent mild tweaks: after all, why mess with a winning formula?

02. Vauxhall Corsa (used)

While the all-new Vauxhall Corsa has dominated the new car market this year according to SMMT, the used model just misses out on top spot at Hippo Leasing.

The most recent edition of the popular supermini was launched in 2019 and is the first to be produced since Groupe PSA’s acquisition of the Vauxhall in 2017. This fresh approach has helped it become the UK’s most successful new car once again.

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Two years into its lifespan, the latest model is beginning to replicate that dominance in the used car market thanks in part to its low running costs, reliability, and wide range of powertrains. Add to this its ability to strike a balance between sportiness and comfort behind the wheel, modern sporty exterior and plenty of tech as standard and it’s easy to see why it has become so popular across the new and used car market.

And the winner is…

01. Range Rover Evoque (new and used)

Hippo Leasing’s most popular car in UK is the Range Rover Evoque. Dominating both our new and used enquiries, it seems our customers value sophistication, elegance, capability and performance. With the second generation model launched in 2018, the small premium SUV straddles that fine line between used car affordability and new car desire ensuring it has dominated both markets in 2021.

With a luxury-level finish, stylish looks, high-tech interior and off-road capability, the Evoque borrows styling cues from its Range Rover Velar stablemate. This includes flush retracting door handles, smoother surfacing, and a new infotainment system with a second touchscreen with integrated knobs for climate settings.

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With its commanding road presence and raised body giving great driver visibility, it’s a breeze to drive. Add to this its light steering and suspension and it adds an air of car-like maneuverability to the chunky SUV ensuring it’s more fun to drive than its like-for-like competitors.

As Land Rover’s best-selling model in the UK, no model is better placed to accurately reflect the manufacturer. Offering an affordable entry point for one of the most aspirational badges on any forecourt, no wonder it’s our most popular car.

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