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Date Posted 16th May 2019
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Hippo Leasing can provide just about any new or used Audi on lease. When you are in the market for an Audi, for you, quality comes first.

From the on-trend Audi Q2 to the coupé-like Q8, we cover each model in the Q range, their attributes, features and which of our road requirements they fill. Some models have been updated for 2019, which we’ve pointed out as we talk you through each car…

Audi Q2

Solid block colours are clean and simple, but the 2019 Q2 makes even more of a statement in its new metallic shades. Rather than the old Solid Ibis White, the Q2 is now Glacier White Metallic, perfect for hiding those annoyed scratches sometimes picked up in car parks.

Less is more with the Q2. With interesting angles and confident looks, the SUV loses Vegas Yellow and Coral Orange, but keeps Tango Red and Ara Blue; with a glint in its eye, the blue gets a Crystal Effect finish and the Tango Red, a metallic one.

There are 7 petrol and diesel engines to choose from ranging from a frugal 1 litre turbo with surprising acceleration through to a more full on 2 litre diesel with optional all wheel drive. Economy is excellent and ranges from around 110 to 144 CO2 (g/km) which means you can get where you want to go in style but without it leaving a heavy CO2 footprint.

If subtlety is more your style, you may want to go for the metallic Mythos Black or Nano Grey.

Easy to manoeuvre around town and country lanes, the vivacious Q2 is also at home on the motorway and drives more like a nippy hatchback than a traditional SUV with excellent handling and a feeling of quiet refinement with a bit of fun to boot.

Perfect for shooting down country lanes, the Q2 has pedestrian detection, Smartphone interface and cruise control in the latest versions and there are loads options including the ability to mix and match body parts – (all the bling!)

The driver’s information system is modern and intuitive, while halogen headlights and dynamic suspension also come as standard. The Audi Q2 is excellent value for money and if you would like a bit of Audi Q2 magic then check out our selection here.

What’s our favourite Q2 colour? This SUV stands out for us in white.

Audi Q3 – NEW model for 2019

The Premium family-focused SUV space is a battleground and it’s one where blows are traded over and over again by manufacturers seeking to outdo each other. And whilst the brands are at loggerheads, this is great news for consumers, as the likes of the Mercedes GLA, the Volvo XC40, the BMW X1 and the Range Rover Evoque all slip up by trying to squash more and more kit into their cabins. The Audi Q3 is arguably at the front of the pack when it goes head to head against these worthy adversaries, and the colours make it a show-stopper.

Choose from:

Solid finish

  • Ibis White
  • Pulse Orange

Metallic finish

  • Chronos Grey
  • Cosmos Blue
  • Floret Silver
  • Glacier White
  • Mythos Black
  • Nano Grey
  • Tango Red

A small but dependable range of engines. Choose from a 2.0 litre diesel available in 2 power outputs, 148bhp or 187 bhp or a 1.5 litre turbo petrol (know as the 35 TSFI). Or you can opt for more power in the form of the 40 TFSI or 45 TFSI which are 2.0 litre petrol engines that throw off 187 and 227bhp and will go quietly from 0-62 mph in 7.3 and 6.3 seconds respectively – not bad for a family SUV!

The Q3’s interior is also top notch with an impressive 10” “virtual cockpit” display that can be upgraded to a best in class 12.3” where the resolution is stunningly good and is a real attention grabber in this solid SUV. With 3 interior packages (standard, designer or S-line) you can tailor your look and there is also a choice when it comes to the external look, standard, advanced or S-line.


Special mention goes to the boot space in the latest version of the Q3 with 675 litres of space with seats up, or a positively cavernous 1,525 litres when the rear seats are flat. The Audi Q3 is on the short list for anyone looking for a Premium, but not hideously large SUV, and we have great new and used deals on the Audi Q3 which can be found here.


Audi Q5

Move over to the Audi Q5 and you discover metallic hidden gems in Azores Green, Navarra Blue and Matador Red in the cave of the range – all unusual colours for the road. A Turbo Blue, rather than a crystal-like blue in the Q3, stuns other drivers, and same with the Brilliant Black, which we think is more bold than the Mythos in the Q3.

The first editions of the Audi Q5 hit the market right at the centre of the early part of the SUV revolution. It was perfectly positioned as a mid-sized SUV with a Prestige badge and enough bells and whistles to establish itself in the mainstream for this class as more and more embraced the high-position, boxier SUVs at the end of the noughties. So successful was the first edition of the Audi Q5 that it continued with minor facelifts till 2018 when the new version took over.

What strikes you about the new 2018 version is that it was built on an already good combination of shape, practicality, prestige and engine options, and it goes one better in pretty much all respects.

The older, boxier, shape is replaced with a more stylish but poised-for-action look that employs slight twists and changes such as a new hexagonal grill, more intricate headlights and chrome detailing. Subtle sculpturing and a prominent crease above the door handles give the Q5 a more cat-arching-its-back-like appeal.

Prowl about town in this cool cat of an Audi

The old version was always practical with lots of nooks and crannies to store the families paraphernalia – or more accurately old, used plastic bottles and sweet wrappers! – while the new instrument panel is Audi sublime.

There’s a punchy diesel and a proven petrol engine with the former now known as the 40 TDi and the latter, the 45 TDSI both with 7 speed S tronic gearboxes. The diesel delivers 190 PS and the petrol engine 245 PS which are both more than ample to move this midsize SUV around town, or cruise with style on motorways or use its superior handling – which is not something you can say for every SUV! – when navigating country lanes.

The Audi Q5 delivers and you can find new and used options here.

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 was the first SUV that Audi launched in 2006. When it launched, it seemed to dominate the streets. The full-size SUV was not the norm on UK roads like it is now, so it gave the Range Rover a run for its money. Fast forward to today and the Audi Q7 is still a major force on UK roads and it’s no surprise when you consider it’s pedigree; the spacious and luxurious cabin, the power plants and the ability to look down on most mortals at the traffic lights.

Plenty of cabin space

A few nips and tucks and some well-placed creases, new headlights and sleek tail lights to go with a loss of almost 300 kgs means that the new Q7 backs up its fresh looks with a leaner, trimmer body and transforms this battleship of the motorway into a well-toned and confident Adonis, especially in the sophisticated Night Black.

Creature of the night, and of all terrain, the Q7 has a refined 4-wheel drive and almost all models have air suspension. While the Q7’s natural terrain is the motorway, it’s still sufficiently comfortable off road, or in icy conditions.

The Audi Q7 shares its chassis with such illustrious names as the Bentley Bentayga, the Lamborghini Urus and the Porsche Cayenne so there is no doubting its credentials when it comes to the basics. This extends to its 3 rows of seats which happily accommodate 7 people. Although it has the option of 7 seats, it is really suited to a 5-seat configuration as well, with loads of room for luggage which is especially useful when going on a car-based holiday or simply driving the whole family to the airport.

Diesel is king with the Audi Q7 so those who are diesel wary might want to look elsewhere – after all, there is plenty of competition from the Mercedes GLE, the BMW X6 or the Volvo CX90. If you are happy with diesel, then there is a choice between the 45 TDI Diesel and the 50 TDI Diesel both with an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox. The smaller 45 generates 231 PS whilst the larger Q7 45 TDI produces 286 PS and it’s a lot punchier when you go through the gears. The Audi Q7 e-tron is a different plug-in beast altogether with hybrid technology at the forefront, and a 17.3kWh battery with a quoted 34 mile all electric range.

Be a sterling king in all weather conditions

The Audi Q7 stands apart and almost always gets 4 or 5 star reviews from all the mainstream driving review sites. We have fantastic deals on the Audi Q7 and you can find them here.

Audi Q8 – NEW model for 2019

The Audi Q8 made its debut on UK roads in 2018 to critical acclaim and a TV advert involving a high-pitched, slightly irrelevant orchestra – you can find it below.

That entrance aside, it’s a very good, full-fat, Prestige SUV. There is no mistaking that it is big and brash, but not in an awkward bullish kind of way. In a refined and confident kind of way, it says: ‘I’ve made it (or my partner has) but I don’t need a Bentley, plus I also have kids and I want space for the whole family.’ And you certainly get space. With a sloping roof line, the Q8 provides good headroom for rear passengers, and the rear seats also slide back and forth for increased luggage space or legroom. Seating is excellent both in front and to the rear, with split seats in the back for those times where you need a bit more storage space. The load bay holds 605 litres worth of luggage, but opens up to 1,755 litres with the seats folded down, which is around 300 litres less than the Q7.

Looking more like a coupe, it’s still a big four door five seater with the Q8’s frameless doors adding to the styling. The Q8 has standard all-wheel drive with air suspension and a choice of three engines.

Check out some of the colour options in the snaps below.

Master of the Galaxy Blue…

On the refinement side, all models feature Quattro all-wheel drive plus air suspension. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is as smooth as silk when you pair it with one of the 3 engines available. There are 2 diesels, the 45 TDI with 231 bhp or a 50 TDI with 286 bhp while a new petrol 55 TSI V6 is on the way in 2019 and will boast 340 Bhp. Prices currently range from around £63k for the baseline diesel to £83k for the top end petrol which, thankfully, come with all options included. The flavour of the moment 48-volt hybrid tech allows for engine coasting and improved turbo lag, giving you a reasonable 41 mpg combined and 178g/km CO2 rating, an excellent return for what is a large SUV.

or fire-breathing Dragon Orange? We have eleven colours to choose from

All Audi Q8’s get the new 48 volt mild hybrid tech which allows for off throttle coasting and the system also recoups energy which means that CO2 emissions are as low as 178g/km which is pretty impressive when you consider its kerb weight (well over 2 tonnes) and overall size.

In off-road mode, the suspension raises 50mm from the standard position. The engine in the  286bhp model performs quite adequately for a vehicle of this size taking a shade over 6 seconds for 62mph. For a big car the ride is comfortable and efficient. This vehicle is a lot more practical than one would first think, is technologically very advanced and ready to take on the next decade of motoring.

The Audi Q8 will be making large SUV buyers happy for years to come and you can see our range of models and eleven colours here.

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