AI Predicts The Next Bond Car

Date Posted 26th March 2024
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Speculation surrounding who will play James Bond next has ignited conversations worldwide, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson reportedly in talks for the iconic role. As anticipation reaches its peak, we have analysed the most searched James Bond cars in both the UK and USA over the past three years.

As well as looking back, we’ve also harnessed the power of AI to predict what the next James Bond car will look like. Read on to find out what motor Aaron Taylor-Johnson could potentially be behind the wheel of…

Could this be the next Aston Martin for James Bond?

We consulted AI to envision the next iconic car for James Bond. Given the precedence of Aston Martin in the past nine films featuring Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as Bond, it’s unsurprising that the initial AI-generated design resembled something the renowned manufacturer might produce. Could this be the new vehicle for the next film?

007’s next ride: Tesla Cybertruck meets Batmobile

With many people making the switch to electric, isn’t it time Bond did the same? AI’s imaginative projections have birthed a revolutionary concept for James Bond’s next vehicle — a fusion of the Batmobile’s sleek, futuristic car with the Tesla Cybertruck.

This remarkable vehicle showcases sharp, angular lines echoing both the Batmobile and the Cybertruck, while delivering electric-powered performance. With its unquestionably bulletproof body and state-of-the-art technology, could this be the next James Bond vehicle?

AI predicts Bentley’s potential Bond return and Morgan Plus 4 debut

Prompted to envision a Bond car beyond the confines of Aston Martin, AI created captivating car concepts, one of which was a design reminiscent of the timeless Morgan Plus Four.

Notably, this car boasts a soft-top convertible configuration, ideally suited for scenes where stealth and action take a backseat.

Another standout contender was a Bentley, a brand that hasn’t graced a Bond film since Sean Connery’s “From Russia with Love” in 1963. The car evokes a sense of sophistication and timeless elegance, aligning seamlessly with the suave and discerning taste often associated with the iconic spy.

It’s worth noting that in Ian Fleming’s original spy novels, James Bond favored a Bentley, with the transition to Aston Martin occurring later in the movie adaptations.

Revealing the Most Searched James Bond Cars in the UK and USA

We also uncovered the most sought-after Bond cars, to gain insights into the vehicles most likely to grace the silver screen in the upcoming film.

10 most searched James Bond car model in the UK

RankCar NameUK Avg. Monthly SV
1Aston Martin Vantage27,100
Ford Mondeo27,100
3Ford Edge22,200
4Ford Bronco18,100
Aston Martin DB518,100
6Aston Martin DBS12,100
7BMW Z38,100
Citroen 2CV8,100
Triumph Stag8,100
10Chevrolet Impala4,400

According to Hippo Leasing’s research, Daniel Craig’s James Bond era dominates the list of most searched Bond cars. Topping the charts are the Aston Martin Vantage and Ford Mondeo, each garnering an average of 27,100 monthly searches over the last three years.

Notably, the Aston Martin Vantage made its mark in the latest Bond installment, “No Time to Die” (2021), starring Craig as the suave spy, while the Ford Mondeo featured in “Casino Royale” (2006).

Intriguingly, the Ford Bronco, seen in Craig’s “Quantum of Solace” (2008), claims third place and emerges as the top choice among American audiences.

10 most searched James Bond car model in the US

RankCar NameUS Avg. Monthly SV
1Ford Bronco1,000,000
2Ford Edge201,000
Jeep Wagoneer201,000
4Aston Martin Vantage60,500
5Chevrolet Impala49,500
6BMW Z327,100
7Aston Martin DB518,100
Aston Martin DBS18,100
Ford Fairline18,100
10BMW Z814,800

Accumulating a staggering one million monthly searches on average, the Ford Bronco takes the lead as the most searched Bond car model in the USA. Its popularity surpasses that of other contenders by almost 5x, including the Ford Edge and Jeep Wagoneer, which share joint second place with 201,000 monthly searches each.

Interestingly, the Jeep Wagoneer is the sole entry on the top three list not driven by Craig, appearing in “Moonraker” (1979) with Roger Moore portraying James Bond.

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Hippo Leasing analysed Google search data for all 33 James Bond cars featured across the franchise’s films. The data collection period spanned the last three years, from March 2020 to February 2024. We were then able to filter for the top 10 most-searched-for models in both the UK and USA, looking at average monthly search volume.

We then consulted ChatGPT to determine the probable car choice for the next James Bond film. AI envisioned an Aston Martin-inspired vehicle. Additionally, Hippo Leasing inquired about alternative options if an Aston Martin wasn’t an option. These queries formed the foundation for Mid Journey prompts to generate corresponding images.

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