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Date Posted 18th March 2024
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When you’re looking for a new car, one of the first things you’ll do is search the manufacturer online — whether that’s to get a better idea of the models you can choose from, or to find out more about how they perform.

We’ve analysed the top 10,000 queries on Quora for 30 of the largest car manufacturers right now to find out which brands are being talked about the most. We’ve looked at data for search terms including words like ‘best’, ‘reliable’, ‘value’, ‘performance’ and ‘safe’, to see where these brands rank and why.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the top car manufacturers getting drivers talking this year. Find out more about a range of well-known brands and where they place for each term for some unexpected results!

A new study shows GMC dominating conversations as the ‘best’ automotive brand

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An analysis of 10,000 queries per car manufacturer made in the last 12 months has revealed that GMC has dominated results as the best overall automotive brand. With 1,580 searches in the last year, the SUV manufacturer is being talked about more than any other at the start of the year when searching for the term ‘best’.

Hyundai comes in a close second place with 1,571 queries, due to its wide range of models and engine options. In third place is Honda — the Japanese manufacturer gained 1,481 queries in the last 12 months, which could be due to the brand’s versatile range of vehicles including hybrid and fully electric options.

Toyota tops the charts for the most reliable car in last 12 months

Drivers prioritise reliability when searching for a new car. Studies have found several drivers talking about Toyota, with the brand coming out on top with 1,650 queries surrounding dependability. The Toyota brand produces models like the Auris, Aygo, and Hilux that are renowned for build quality and durability.

Coming in a close second with 1,636 queries is another Japanese manufacturer – Lexus. The brand prides itself on luxury and performance, as well as offering cutting-edge technology for drivers. In third place with 1,540 queries is the BMW. A well-known name in the automotive industry, studies show more drivers talking about this brand in terms of consistent performance.

Is Fiat the best value for money? Studies unveil surprising results

With many drivers looking to make their money go further, it’s no surprise queries around vehicle prices are increasing. Fiat scored top when analysing queries for cars with the best value for money.

The Italian manufacturer with recognisable, stylish designs is most talked about with 2,886 queries this year. Compact and contemporary, Fiat tops the value-for-money charts by a substantial margin.

Hyundai finds itself in the top 3 again, ranking second for queries surrounding value for money, with the Japanese brand scoring 1,096 queries. Lexus comes in third with 999 search queries. Honda and BYD score highly both with over 900 queries in the last 12 months.

RankManufacturerNo. of Queries for ‘Value’

Has BYD got the best pricing? Data reveals many are searching to find out

The Chinese manufacturer BYD is scoring a huge number of queries surrounding price, with 2,140 queries in the last year. Drivers are likely to be talking about the brand’s pricing to compare it to other similar brands like Tesla. BYD offers competitive pricing when compared to its closest competitors.

Hyundai comes in a close second place with 1,956 queries when talking about the brand’s pricing. This could be connected to the queries surrounding value for money where the brand also scored highly.

And in third place is Tesla. This manufacturer has become incredibly popular over the last few years, with their Model Y today’s best-selling electric car in the world.

BMW comes out on top for performance outranking renowned manufacturers

It may not come as too much of a surprise to discover that BMW is the most talked about model when it comes to performance with 2,310 queries. This could be due to the huge range of models and sports variations to choose from. But you may not expect them to place higher than brands like Lamborghini — with 2,243 queries, and Porsche with 2,214 queries.

BMW may be the most talked about brand when it comes to performance as the German-manufactured models are more accessible to drivers than other luxury competitors, like Lamborghini and Porsche.

Is Volvo the safest brand on the market? Queries show this is a high-priority

The Swedish manufacturer Volvo has topped the table for the most queries surrounding safety. This could be due to the fact the brand’s main marketing focus is safety and luxury.. Because of this, drivers may be searching to find out just how safe these vehicles really are.

Coming in a close second is Suzuki with queries for the Japanese brand totalling 1,231, and Hyundai comes in third with 1,172 queries. It’s likely that, as affordable cars, drivers are trying to find out whether they’re safe as well as good value for money.

Other vehicles scoring in the top 10 when it comes to safety include Nissan, Toyota, and Kia. These brands are well-known family cars, so it’s likely those talking about these manufacturers are looking to find out safety ratings for their peace of mind.

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Hippo Leasing scraped the top 10,000 questions from the last year on Quora for 30 of the world’s most valuable automobile brands to find the specific questions people are searching most for each brand. We did this by looking at how many of each 10k queries we scraped for each brand contain the words: safe, maintenance, fast, performance, price, value, range, mpg, reliable and best to find the ranking order from highest to lowest.

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