Introducing The Deformis 10

Date Posted 4th May 2023
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Today we bring you the hotly anticipated follow-up creation to the Omnia Novus, the Deformis 10.

The Omnia Novus was created using the design of 250 cars currently on the market today. To create the ugliest car you have ever seen, The Deformis 10, we analysed Ahrefs to reveal the top 20 articles with the highest page traffic covering “ugliest cars”. This generated a total of 116 unique cars that the articles deemed as “ugly”. We then ranked the cars by the number of mentions they received in these articles. The Deformis 10 is designed using parts from the top 10 ugliest cars.

As you can see, it’s pretty awful.

How we created The Deformis 10: The ugliest car on the planet

Tom Preston, Managing Director at Hippo Leasing explains how they have created the Deformis 10. “To create the Deformis 10 we first needed a shell to work with. For this, we picked the Nissan Juke, due to its unusual overall shape, to act as the starting point. 

“From here we moved to the front and started adding fresh parts, with the emission of the Juke’s front bumper and rather odd bonnet lights, which we’ve left in place. The front of the Deformis 10 consists of a lower front bumper from the Toyota Prius, headlights taken from the Ford Scorpio, arguably the worst-looking grille ever spotted in a rear-view mirror from the Chrysler PT Cruiser and finally the strangest addition to a car, the Fiat Multipla’s front window/bonnet bump.

“Turning our attention to the rear of the car, we’ve incorporated the boxy back of the Nissan Cube and added in the very odd, and never seen again on any other car made since, rear window. The tail lights and lower rear bumper are taken from the SsangYong Rodius.

On the sides, we can find side skirts taken from the Honda Civic Type R, wheel arches and petrol cap repurposed from Walter White’s Breaking Bad car, the Pontiac Aztek and finally the hubcaps pinched from the AMC Pacer.”

How did it get its name?

The name for the Deformis 10 was created using Latin, the same as the last concept car we designed, the Omnia Novus. ‘Deformis’ means ugly in Latin, making it the perfect name for the ugliest car you have ever seen.

The “10” comes from the number of ugliest cars ever made, based on our analysis

As we’ve mentioned, the Deformis 10 is an amalgamation of parts taken from the cars most acknowledged as the ugliest ever created. 

According to analyst tool Ahrefs’ page traffic for “ugliest cars”, the top 10 ugliest cars in the world are;

Ugliest Cars
1Fiat Multipla11
2Pontiac Aztek10
3Chrysler PT Cruiser7
4Nissan Juke6
5SsangYong Rodius6
6Ford Scorpio5
7Nissan Cube5
8AMC Pacer4
9Honda Civic Type R4
10Toyota Prius4


1. Fiat Multipla

Part Used = Front window/bonnet bump

The Fiat Multipla was a car produced by the Italian car maker, Fiat, between 1998 and 2010. The original model, the one you see here and the one used in the Deformis 10,  became well known for its styling (not in a good way). The facelifted version released in 2004 took a step back from its radical looks in an attempt to improve sales figures, but ultimately Fiat discontinued the model in 2010.

2. Pontiac Aztek

Part Used = Wheel arches and petrol cap

The Pontiac Aztek is referred to by some as the biggest flop in automotive history, which is a big statement, but, you can see why just by looking at it. However, the Aztek did see a spike in sales after fans saw one of the greatest protagonists in TV history, Walter White from Breaking Bad, owned one. Unfortunately, the spike wasn’t enough to save the Aztek and the model was discontinued in 2005, being replaced by the Pontiac Torrent.

3. Chrysler PT Cruiser

Part Used = Grille

The PT Cruiser was, apparently, designed to target younger buyers, but unfortunately for Chrysler it instead became popular with older drivers, favouring the old-school styling. This ultimately made the Cruiser unfashionable and it was discontinued in 2010.

4. Nissan Juke

Part Used = Front end shape, front bumper and bonnet lights

Despite being recently discontinued to make way for other compact SUVs in Nissan’s pipeline, the Juke was a popular motor, especially among those aged 30-45. It came with a host of styling options and optional extras that went down well with younger drivers, but it’s front end was a real eye-sore. Thankfully Nissan upgraded the Juke in 2019, removing the odd bonnet headlights.

5. SsangYong Rodius

Part Used = Tail lights and lower rear bumper

Categorised once in a review by the Sunday Times as “low tech, noisy and slow, and particularly sluggish” it won’t come as a surprise to discover that the Rodius is no longer with us, being discontinued in 2019.

6. Ford Scorpio

Part Used = Headlights

The Ford Scorpio is one of those cars that could have done well, but due to its looks, nobody wanted one. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson once declared it was “well made… extremely well equipped, and considering its size, it was good value for money”. The Dutch Royal Family also apparently used several Scorpios. Alas despite how well the car performed under the hood, it wasn’t enough to keep it around, with Ford replacing it with the Granada after a few years.

7. Nissan Cube

Part Used = Rear end shape and window

The Nissan Cube never really took off in most countries but it did stick around until the end of 2019 in Japan, even picking up the “Japan Good Design Long Life” Design Award of 2018 as well as some other design awards around the world. However, Nissan only sold 77 in Europe since 2012, so it’s no wonder why it’s not available anymore.

8. AMC Pacer

Part Used = Hubcaps

The AMC Pacer is a two-door compact car that was produced in the United States by American Motors Corporation (AMC) and shot to fame when it was a featured car in the 1992 movie Wayne’s World, and again in the 1993 movie Wayne’s World 2. 

It is one of the most iconic cars of all time from a design point of view. Its rounded shape and large glass area were unlike anything ever seen at the time compared with the three-box designs of the era, with its width equal to full-sized domestic vehicles despite its smaller stature. AMC promoted it as “the first wide small car.”

9. Honda Civic Type R

Part Used = Side skirts

The first and second versions of the Honda Civic Type R were icons of the underground seen, as well as being featured heavily in the Fast and Furious franchise. Excitement was at an all-time high for the release of the third generation, but when the designs first dropped, fans were disappointed. The sleek and straight-edge styling was replaced with a curvy style with an addition of an odd mid-rear window spoiler that blocked the view out the back. A total of 14,062 FD2 Civic Type R units were produced until it ceased production in August 2010 due to failure to meet the upcoming emission requirements.

10. Toyota Prius

Part Used = Lower front bumper

Aside from its rather dull design, in a way, it’s sad that Toyota has stopped selling the Prius. It’s the car that started it all as far as electric driving is concerned, and for that alone, deserves to be the mainstay of the electric market. Unfortunately, as with most cars, poor sales mean that we’re likely to see less and less on the roads in the future. But it’ll always have a place in the history books.

Imagery sourced from NetCarShow & CarInfo

To make the Deformis 10 look even better, or worse depending on how we look at it, we conducted keyword research to determine what people feel is the worst car colour available. Looking at ‘Average Monthly Searches’ for 30 different colours, the top searches were as follows;

However, at the other end of the spectrum, we found some interesting colours, with the least searched for being “wheat”, the colour you can now find on the Deformis 10.


Hippo Leasing analysed Ahrefs to find the top 20 articles with the highest page traffic covering “ugliest cars”. This generated a total of 116 unique cars that the articles deemed as “ugly”. We then ranked the cars by the number of mentions they received in these articles. The Deformis 10 is designed using parts from the top 10 ugliest cars.

Leasing with Hippo Leasing

Thankfully, this vehicle is not available to lease, not that anyone would want one if it were. However, here at Hippo Leasing, we do have a huge range of much, much better-looking vehicles available to lease today. We also have a range of car leasing deals you won’t be able to find or match anywhere else. 

If you have any questions about the leasing process or are looking to begin your car leasing journey, feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help.

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