The Best Pet Accessories For Your Car

Date Posted 11th April 2024
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Thursday 11th April marks 2024’s National Pet Day. What exactly happens on National Pet Day is unclear but, as an island of pet lovers, you can bet the UK is celebrating the annual festivities more than most.

And what else does the UK love (perhaps not quite as much)? Its cars. In fact, the relationship between our pets and travel is an important one. A collection of research on UK pet tourism from Hoo suggests as much with some rather revealing statistics, including:

  • More than 50% of pet owners have plans to travel with their pets.
  • One third of pet owners won’t travel without their pets.
  • 83% of dog owners feel guilty when they leave their dog behind to go on holiday, with 56% insisting on taking their dog with them and 67% planning their breaks around them.
  • 85% of pet owners would rather enjoy a local staycation with their pets than travel abroad without them.

With an awful lot of us porting around our pets in our cars, it makes sense that pet travel accessories are big business these days. After all, we want our hairiest family members to be comfortable – and what better way to celebrate National Pet Day than with a last-minute, car-based gift?

Interested? Here are a few ideas.

Dog car seat

Most dog owners consider their dog to be their ‘baby’, and what’s the most essential accessory for a baby in a car?

The pet car seat is one of the best dog travel accessories going because it offers a host of benefits for you and your pup. It’ll keep your dog comfortable, secure and safe – and they’ll get a nice view out the window, too, which means less chance of them feeling sick. You won’t have to worry about your dog creating its own circus in the back while you drive, and you’re more likely to get to your destination with a happy, chilled-out pooch in tow.

Just as with baby car seats, you can get a variety of sizes and booster options to suit dogs of any size and mischief level. Smart Bark’s guide on the best dog car seats out there features a bunch of useful information to help you choose the right one.

Dog car harness

If you don’t fancy the idea of a full-blown seat, you can opt for a specialised harness or seat belt instead. The harness essentially acts as an in-car leash, keeping your dog safely in one seat with a bit of (but not too much) give to allow them to move about safely.

All you need to do is strap them in – just make sure you give them enough leeway to stand up and sit down, but not so much that they can leave their seat and cause chaos.

Travel bowl

Hydration and nutrition are key, as is portability, which is why the travel bowl is one of the cheaper but more effective dog (and cat) travel accessories you can buy.

The concept is simple: a foldable travel bowl that can be packed flat when you don’t need it and expanded when you do. They’re available in a load of sizes and colours, and most of made from easy-clean, eco-friendly materials, too.

Your typical travel bowl will cost you a few quid but will be a valuable accessory any time you’re away.

Calming treats

Most people would agree snacks are an essential part of any successful road trip, but they can be even more important for your pet. Travel anxiety is a very real thing in both cats and dogs (leaving the safe space of home and heading into the unknown is an understandable source of stress for an animal) and can make for a difficult journey if not accounted for.

One of the best solutions comes in the form of calming treats. These feature a natural blend of ingredients designed to settle issues like anxiety, hyperactivity and noise phobia. Once again, Smart Bark has come through with a list of the best calming options for anxious pups, while The Spruce Pets has a list of the best aids for cats.

Drying coat or bag

You may well be familiar with the idea of a drying coat or bag from bath time at home. Your dog being able to hop out of the bath and straight into a cosy piece of fabric is something of a lifesaver when it comes to preventing a damp catastrophe from taking place about the home. Taking one with you on your travels offers the same protection for the car – and wherever you’re staying on your trip.

Perfect for those headed on an outdoor adventure, a drying coat is a must if the dog’s coming with you on a muddy hike or a wander across some fells. Here are seven of the best, as per Country Living.

Get out and explore with a brand-new car lease

If it’s time for a new set of wheels for you and your pet – and as long as you’ve got a good drying coat on hand and a towel down – we can help you find a great deal on just about any car you can think of with our hassle-free leasing process.

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