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Festival Favourites: The Best Car To Get You To The Action

Last Updated: 25th Aug 2017
Festival Favourites: The Best Car To Get You To The Action

25th August 2017

We are approaching Leeds and Reading Festival, one of the most popular and famous festivals in the World. If you are going and have your tickets ready, we ask you this: Do you have the right car for the job?

Festivals, especially if you are going for the whole five-day experience require a lot of stuff. You need the tent (or two?),alcohol and food supplies, suitcases and bags, mini gazebo, camping chairs, and whatever else you feel you need (you don’t need that guitar. You won’t use it. You are at a music festival so who is going to want to listen to you?).

You will need a car that fits all of this and can handle the muddy fields to park on. We have a few suggestions for you.

Dacia Duster

This is the affordable SUV that delivers great potential and would be perfect for transporting all your luggage for the festival. Dacia designs the Duster to be a back to basic SUV that strips the car back, so you have the necessities at an affordable price.

Inside the spacious cabin, you get great visibility because of the Duster’s tall body. Both the front and rear passengers have so much head space and leg room that you can bob along to the music without worry.

The boot, which you can fill with all your luggage will take 475-litres of capacity. For the price you are paying for this car, which is similar to a VW Up offering 251-litres of capacity, you are getting a bargain boot. It can hold in theory two large suitcases and two small suitcases. Now, if there is only two of you, fold those rear seats down, and your load bay increases to 1,636-litres.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the premium model for those of you who want a luxury drive to your festival of choice. This is the upgraded in all ways replacement for the old Freelander and would be perfect for any Festival trip.

The interior style is simple but well-built with quality materials. There is an infotainment screen in the upright centre console, ready for use, although it doesn’t have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It does have DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connection as standard with certain models including sat-nav as an extra.

The Discovery Sport is the comfortable car to drive to a festival but does only have five seats, unlike its seven-seater big siblings. You can get a seven-seater model, but it isn’t worth it. Stick with five seats, and you will be pleased.

For the five-seater model, you have a boot capacity of 981-litres, which is great space for a premium SUV. If again there is only two of you, drop those back seats and increase that capacity to 1,698-litres. In the five-seat model, there is extra underfloor space that houses the sixth and seventh seats in the seven-seater model.

Ford C-Max

This large family hatchback offers you all the practicality and space needed for your festival trip. It also delivers a superb ride quality which will make your long trip there and the long trip home. Ford always deliver excellent, solid and well-built finishes to their interiors.

For all five occupants of the Ford C-Max, you will have so much space you won’t know what to do with it. The bulbous roof gives you more headroom than you will ever require, and there is no transmission tunnel going through the middle, which means you have a flat floor at your feet.

The boot capacity in the back is an impressive 432-litres, which will take much of the required luggage for a festival. If you fold those back seats up, again, you will have so much extra space available. This car is perfect for bigger groups heading to a festival this year.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

This isn’t a car. Instead, it is a pick-up truck, but it is well worth considering when it comes to going to a festival. It is huge, menacing and handsome. The Ford Ranger Double-cab Wildtrak is the model to choose, and it comes with an excellent four-wheel drive system.

The Double-cab model offers 1,549mm load length with a payload varying between 1,070kg and 1,199kg, giving you substantial amounts of space to load your camping and festival luggage into the back without every worrying about putting too much weight on the rear of your Ranger.

Inside the cab, you will find an upmarket interior with tough plastics and plenty of storage and high tech equipment inside. For the passengers you wish to take with you, there is so much space available regarding leg and head space, that you will have little to complain about.

With one of the biggest festivals in the world approaching, it might be time to consider getting the right vehicle on lease for such an event. Obviously, you want to use these vehicles on a day to day basis after the festival has occurred and each of these vehicles is perfect for everyday use.

If you are interested in leasing any of these vehicles or any other, browse our selection. If you do find a car, please enquire with us and our dedicated team will work hard to find you the best possible car lease deal to suit you.

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