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Heading Back Out On The Grand Tour

Last Updated: 12th Jun 2017
Heading Back Out On The Grand Tour

12th June 2017

This October, the legends that are Clarkson, May and Hammond are setting back off on their Grand Tour. The return of Top Gear to the BBC without this trio has seen both its quality and viewership drop to irrelevance, but the Grand Tour remains the newly crowned king of motor shows.

James May appeared on the BBC’s The One Show recently and announced that we would see the return of the Grand Tour in October 2017. Only four months to go. That is the first time you will be able to see it, but because it is on Amazon, you will be able to rewatch it multiple times if you have an Amazon Prime account.

The show has almost wrapped up filming and will soon be entering post-production, with us being able to see the likes of the new Ford GT, Porsche 911 GT3, McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante tearing up the tarmac.

The talk of money arose in that interview and elsewhere as it always does with the Grand Tour. The amount of money spent on the show seems to be a constant fascination for many. But this show requires a lot of travelling around the world, a large crew with plenty of tech equipment and the show is filmed in 4K. It is a huge investment for Amazon that appears to be paying off after their hugely successful first series.

Not all going to plan

Not everything has gone to plan in terms of filming. Last week, co-host Richard Hammond was involved in a horrific car accident where the car he was driving, plummeted down a hill, flipped and eventually burst into flames.

Richard was driving the Rimac Concept One, worth £2 million when the accident occurred in the town of St Gallen in Switzerland. He was racing along the Hemberg Hill Climb, a one-mile long course that climbs 157 metres. James and Jeremy reportedly ran to the scene as soon as it happened and assumed Richard was dead, due to the terrible wreckage before them. Richard, fortunately, escaped the wreckage before it burst into flames.

Richard was airlifted to a nearby hospital but has only suffered a fracture to his knee, although obviously shaken. The destroyed electric car had 1,224 bhp motor with a reported top speed of 220 mph.

We wish Richard a swift recovery and look forward to seeing the Grand Tour back on our screens in October.

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