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Hippo’s Egg-citing Challenge!

Last Updated: 9th Mar 2018
Hippo’s Egg-citing Challenge!

9th March 2018

As you probably already know, at Hippo we like to get our staff involved with as many charity opportunities as we can throughout the year – especially those that are locally placed.

Our latest challenge is no different. We’ve decided to get involved with a bunch of local charities, to collect chocolate and Easter eggs, ahead of the Easter holidays, with just one goal in mind.

SAMS is a charity operating from the energy zone here in Blackburn, that thrives on creating local partnerships within the surrounding community. Over the years, SAMS has collected and recycled waste materials destined for a landfill donated by the public and private organisations. These are then sorted and handed to schools, pensioners’ groups and many community organisations as art and craft materials for use.

With the help of a charity like SAMS, local companies are increasing their social responsibility, whilst helping the community that they operate in along the way.

Seasonal holidays are no different for SAMS, collecting as many items from their partners and public again, that can be utilised and distributed to vulnerable children, teens and families in the area. SAMS ‘Easter Challenge 2018’ is asking these organisations and many more, to collect as many chocolate Easter eggs as possible, that can be given to families within the Blackburn and surrounding area this Easter.

So - with our collection bucket at the ready, we are proudly encouraging all staff (crème egg fans and all),to support this worthy cause by donating an extra egg this Easter.

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