Where Are Britain’s Worst Drivers?

Most people in Britain would claim they’re good drivers, even if they don’t have a “clean” driving licence.

This got the team at Hippo Leasing thinking…Who are the best (and worst) drivers in Britain?

To find out, Hippo Leasing put in a Freedom of Information request with the DVLA to obtain exclusive figures naming and shaming the areas in Britain where drivers are most likely to have 6 or more penalty points.

It turns out, at the end of January almost 650,000 drivers in Great Britain had 6 or more points on their driving licence as a result ofoffences such as speeding, being uninsured, driving under the influence, running a red light, using a mobile and dangerous driving.

Per capita, Northumberland has the highest percentage of motorists with 6 or more points on their driving licence, crowning it the county in Britain with the least law-abiding drivers.

Greater Manchester comes in second place, with nearly 25,000 motorists holding 6 or more points on their licence. Two Scottish councils – Denbighshire and Angus – come in third and fourth place and West Yorkshire in fifth.

When it comes to good behaviour, it seems motorists living in Scotland are the most law-abiding drivers and the least likely to have 6 or more points. However, withTransport Scotland planning more speed cameras to increase road safety, this may not be the case for much longer.

Surrey and Kent also have well-behaved motorists, the only two counties outside of Scotland to feature in the best 10 council areas.

The penalty points system exists to promote road safety and remove dangerous drivers from the roads, so it’s fascinating to see where in Britain motorists are most likely to be carrying 6 or more points on their licence.

You can view the full data below, to see how your area compares: