Group Give Gambian School Stationery Supplies

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Group Give Gambian School Stationery Supplies

4th April 2014

Towards the end of March one of Hippo Leasing’s sub-prime department team members partook in an annual visit to Gambia. This was no holiday and in fact was another week of work but in a completely different environment for a worthy cause.

For this trip Hippo sent Shirley over to Gambia with a selection of stationery including colouring pencils, Hippo Motor Group pens and pencils.

Shirley visited the Janet School in Sullay Jobe which caters for children aged between 4 and 14 providing education and health care that before the charity built the school was not readily available. A regular school day for the children is not to dissimilar to that of an English school but does have a huge focus on speaking the English language as it isn’t their first language but from a very young age they become fluent.

The school is aiming to try and keep children in education until they are 18 to give them a better grasp of their subjects and a solid foundation for their future. Shirley said “My aim is to raise awareness of the challenges that are faced on a daily basis by pupils, families and schools, I have a list of 10 children that need sponsorship for their education”. The school are also looking to develop a relationship with a British school and children through a pen pal programme.

Away from their studies the children are said to be very keen on football and according to Manchester City fan Shirley, all dream to play for the blue side of Manchester when they are older!

Hippo aims to be involved in future charity events starting with a local business football tournament on the 27thApril and other events to follow.

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