Hippo Leasing Joins The BVRLA

Last Updated: 11th Jul 2017
Hippo Leasing Joins The BVRLA

18th December 2015

We’re pleased to announce that we have now joined as members of the BVRLA.

The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) is the trade body that looks after and monitors companies who offer leasing and rental solutions to people throughout the UK. The fact that we have joined the BVRLA means that there are some great benefits for you as a customer, which you may not get if you lease from a company who isn’t a member.

Who are the BVRLA and its members?
The BVRLA was established in 1967, and is the main trade body for companies who offer car leasing and car rental solutions.The members provide a range of leasing, fleet management and rental services to customers and businesses. BVRLA members have a combined fleet of 3.8 million cars, vans and trucks, and thevehicle leasingand rental industry contributes roughly £24.9 billion into the UK economy.

What does the BVRLA do?
The BVRLA has over 700 companies that are members, and it looks after the interests of over 2 million drivers of rented/leased vehicles each year. The BVRLA also works to ensure that regulation and legislation affecting members is fair, and it works with public sector agencies, industry associations and key business influencers, regarding issues surrounding key road transport, taxation and finance. BVRLA also regulates the leasing industry through regular quality insurance inspections and by following a mandatory code of conduct.

How does this benefit me?
There are some great reasons to lease a car [https://www.hippoleasing.co.uk/] from a BVRLA registered company such as ourselves.

- You can be assured of quality. As BVRLA members, we abide by a code of conduct, which makes sure that we serve customers with honesty and integrity.

- As a member, we are subject to random inspections (as are all car rental/leasing companies). During these inspections, the premises, staff, signage, procedure and vehicles are all thoroughly checked.

- We have access to a massive library of information and services, which include things such as best practice guides, legislative fact sheets and industry training and accreditation.

- The vehicles that we provide to you will be in a safe and roadworthy condition, and maintained in accordance with manufacturer servicing requirements.

- All of our products and services will be priced clearly, without any misleading or inaccurate statements in our advertising.

- We will provide you with clear and simple statements of each other’s obligations under the lease agreement. Covering things like the level of cover, maintenance packages, excess mileage etc. Our terms and conditions will be fair.

- If you aren’t able to resolve a dispute with us, you can refer to a free conciliation service from the BVRLA. They’ll try and resolve your complaint within 3 days, and any decision will be binding.

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