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How To De-Ice Your Windscreen Properly

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
How To De-Ice Your Windscreen Properly

14th March 2016

With the sudden cold snap in the UK recently, the last thing we need is the early-morning battle with a frozen windscreen, when we’re already late for work. Luckily, we’ve got some top tips to help you quickly and simply de-ice your car, getting you back out and on the road in a jiffy.

DO:Without fail, the best and safest method for de-icing your windscreen is to use a can of de-icer and a scraper. Simply spray the windscreen with the de-icer, and it should start to melt straight away. The rest can be scraped off with the ice scraper. It’s always good to keep a can of de-icer and a scraper in your car, as you’ll never know when the UK cold snaps will hit.

DON’T:As a quick fix, some people will use the water from a boiled kettle to clear the ice from their windscreens. Don’t do this! Using boiling water on your windscreen is a quick way to crack it. This is because scalding hot water can seep into tiny cracks on the glass and cause it to shatter. Plus, any excess water on the ground can freeze and become a slipping hazard.

DO:If you have a decent screenwash for your car, then the chances are that it will have some form of de-icing agent in it. So spraying this should help to clear the ice a little.

DON’T:When trying to melt the ice, many people are guilty of sitting in the car with their engine and heating on, waiting for it to melt slowly. However, this isn’t great for you or your car. Waiting around will simply make you late for where you need to go, and you’ll also waste fuel and cause excess strain on the engine.

DO:When you’re defrosting your windscreen, make sure to clear the entire thing, and not just a small patch in front of the driver’s seat. This makes driving a lot safer and easier, as none of your view will be obstructed. Don’t forget to de-ice any other windows and mirrors that may have frozen over too.

DON’T: Try not to use your windscreen wipers to get rid of any ice and snow, as you could end up breaking your them instead. You might be tempted to use an old CD or credit card to scrape off the ice, but don’t! Using these can scratch and damage your windscreen, leading to more potential damage in the future.

Stick to our tips, and you should be back out onto the road in no time! If you’re looking for a lease car with great heating for those chilly mornings, or a comfy interior for when you’re driving through winter traffic, then check out some of our best car lease deals in the northwest. We have plenty of low cost car leasingoptions too, for people with a lower budget.

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