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A Look Around The Jaguar E-Pace Diesel Estate 2.0D 5Dr 2Wd

Last Updated: 7th Nov 2018
A Look Around The Jaguar E-Pace Diesel Estate 2.0D 5Dr 2Wd

27th March 2018

So as promised, in our last blog post, we now take a look around the other highly discussed car in the office over the last few weeks, the very stylish Jaguar E-Pace. As we did with the Mercedes A Class, we will not only talk about what features and kit these cars come with, but we’ll jargon bust and let you know what they actually mean for you as a driver, and your passengers.

We’ve been trying to decide which one we prefer or which one we’d lease ourselves and, to be honest, we still can’t decide! Because the Mercedes and Jaguar E-pace are quite similar cars, with quite similar prices, we’ve been asking leasing customers who are looking at that size and style of car, and it’s pretty even this month! On one side, the Jaguar E-Pace is slightly cheaper; it’s faster and, in many peoples opinion, better to look at. However on the other side the Mercedes A class has way better fuel efficiency, gives off less omissions and, of course, has all the classic Mercedes features, old and new, that people know and love.

So let’s look deeper at all the features that the Jaguar E-Pace has to offer, just like we did with the Mercedes E-Pace, and see if it helps with the ‘which one would be best to lease?’ question.


The initial specs that most people will want to know about the car are; is it diesel or petrol? Manual or automatic? Fuel efficient, fast?  See below to answer all these preliminary questions about the particular Jaguar E-Pace we have on offer at the moment. Please be aware that we do also have other models, as well as automatics. Head to the Jaguar E-Pace page to view our whole range.



We absolutely love the shape and style of this car; it’s a robust, sleek and compact crossover.

  • Approach Illumination –Switched on with the remote control key, approach illumination switches the cars parking lamps, door mirror lamps, number plate lighting, interior roof lighting the courtesy lighting on; a great feature for safety and vision in the dark.
  • Automatic headlights – So you’ll never forget to turn the light as dusk sets in
  • Body colour bumpers – Designed to assist airflow, as well as making the car look much more flush and sleek
  • Electric front/rear windows with one touch/anti pinch – One touch lets you open / close the window without having to keep your finger on it. Anti-pinch technology is a safety system that prevents the winding up of the window if it senses any obstacle in the path of the glass.
  • Electric and heated door mirrors - Eliminates ice and condensation, assisting to drive in all weather
  • Heated front windscreen – To quickly melt ice and prevent condensation
  • Heated rear window with timer – Again great to get you through all weather, and a timer so it turns off when you need it to
  • Heated washer jets – a great safety feature as they often freeze up in icy weather, preventing the antifreeze/water being sprayed onto the window
  • Rain sensor windscreen wipers – the windscreen wipers automatically detect rain and switch on and off, intermittent to fast, depending on how heavy the rain is falling.
  • Tailgate spoiler - The dynamic roofline blends with a rear tailgate spoiler that sits over a steeply raked rear window to give E-PACE a distinctive profile and the lines of a coupe
  • LED headlights and signature LED rear lights - fitted as standard



  • InControl infotainment system, Touch Pro – At the heart of the centre console is a 10" Touchscreen that supports swipe and pinch movements and controls the audio-visual entertainment. With Touch Pro you can have customisable home screens, use voice control and it’s fast and responsive with an Interactive Side Panel too. Touch Pro can be further enhanced by adding the connectivity package, Connect Pro
  • AM/FM DVD MP3 radio – For all your music and entertainment needs
  • Interactive Driver Display - The optional 12.3" high-definition Interactive Driver Display can receive and project a vast amount of driving information, entertainment and active safety data including navigation, phone and media. Its high resolution ensures the utmost clarity and its refined processing engine delivers smooth moving pin sharp graphics. To help you find your way more easily, the option of Navigation Pro enables you to display full-screen navigation with 3D mapping.
  • Head-Up Display – This is a super cool option to add, and something we haven’t seen yet. Instead of having to take your eyes off the road, the Head-up Display projects key vehicle data such as your speed, gear position, what track you’re listening to, as well as navigation directions onto the windscreen. It’s in high resolution and has full-colour graphics, enabling the driver to see all the information they wish to, with ease. It can be turned on and off at any time.
  • Bluetooth connectivity including audio streaming – This allows you to connect your devices for telephoning, music and more.
  • DAB Digital radio – crystal clear sound with a huge range of DAB stations
  • Dynamic volume control – This technology compensates for changes in sound levels within the car to ensure that audio quality is always consistent.



From activating controls with your voice, allowing you to select a speed that the car will continue to drive at, to how many power points it has; here’s a rundown of all the features you’ll get as standard with the Jaguar E-Pace.

  • Cruise control – This is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. Great for long trips, ensuring you don’t go above the speed limit and great for fuel efficiency too.
  • Driver condition monitor – Detects when the driver shows signs of drowsiness, giving a warning when they need to take a break
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) - offers outstanding feedback, precision and immediate power-assisted steering
  • Lane keep assist - If you unintentionally drift on the motorway, your Jaguar E-Pace will alert you to the problem, and steer you safely back into your lane
  • Outside temperature gauge – Great in the winter so you know if the roads are icy
  • Trip computer - They record, calculate and display the distance travelled, the average fuel consumption, real-time fuel consumption and the average speed.
  • Voice control system - Keep your eyes on the road by using intelligent voice recognition to complete tasks more safely, such as calling people and changing the music.
  • Centre armrest console – Lets you lean and rest your arm, whilst providing storage too.
  • Twin front covered cupholders – eliminating spills
  • Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors - for mirror viewing in the dark
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control – ensuring the car is always as hot or cold as you like
  • Power sockets – 4 x 12V power and 2 x USB data, to easily charge all your devices, whilst you’re on the go
  • ECO Driving Style Assistant- Selecting the ECO driving mode can modify the vehicle's settings to help reduce fuel consumption and encourage a more efficient driving style.
  • Bluetooth interface for hands-free telephone – With the new law over driving and mobile phones, this is an imperative feature



So we have to say, the safety features on this car are incredible! From detecting collisions and braking for you, to assisting you on hill starts, to the numerous airbags. It really is one of the safest cars on the market.

  • Front and rear curtain airbags – keeping you and your passengers safe during a crash/impact
  • Front and rear seatbelt reminder – ensuring that every person in the car wears a seatbelt
  • Front side airbags – preventing you and your passenger from side impacts
  • Occupancy sensor for passenger seat – sensors detect whether there is a passenger in the front seat, so it can alert them to put their seatbelt on
  • Power child locks – So the children keep safe in the back and can’t open the doors themselves
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system – So you know if you’re losing air, or have a puncture
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) – This monitors E-PACE's dynamic behaviour, and intervenes to maximise vehicle stability. In cases of understeer or oversteer, the DSC will reduce engine torque and apply braking to the relevant wheels, as to correct the vehicle's direction of travel
  • Electronic Traction Control (ETC) - enhances traction and stability by controlling wheel spin.
  • Engine Drag Torque Control (EDC) - lessens the chance of wheel lock-up caused by strong engine braking in slippery conditions.
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA) - ensures you do not roll back as you pull away on a hill.
  • Cornering Brake Control (CBC) - when the car's brakes are pressed around a corner and the limit of grip is reached, it will automatically vary the braking force to each wheel. It will prevent the vehicle's wheels from locking up and skidding.
  • Roll Stability Control (RSC) – This works together with DSC to reduce the probability of rollover. It provides agility and ability to steer around obstacles and monitors the vehicle motion and cornering forces to detect any potential risk of rollover. If there is a risk detected, it’ll apply the brakes to the outside front wheel to reduce forces which can contribute to roll over.
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) – Helps to ensure that you stop in time by recognising that you’ve pressed the brake quickly with not enough force. It also helps to reduce the risk of a collision as the Emergency Stop Signal System automatically activates the hazard warning lights during emergency braking
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) - prevents the wheels from locking and maintains traction on the road surface when braking, helping the vehicle's ability to steer. It also helps to shorten the braking distance.
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) – again to help minimise stopping distance, the car will automatically vary the braking force to each axle, while still maintaining stability and the vehicle's ability to steer.
  • Emergency Braking – This feature can help to prevent collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. If a possible frontal collision is detected, a warning will be displayed giving the driver time to take action. If the driver doesn’t take action, the system will apply the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact.
  • Emergency Brake Lights (EBL) - are activated through the hazard warning lights to alert vehicles behind you in the event of sudden braking



Depending how much deposit you want to put down, and how many miles you do a year, you can lease the Jaguar E-Pace from us at Hippo from as little as £269 a month! See just a few examples of the deals below, and for any other models or styles of this vehicle, visit the main Jaguar E-Pace page








So after looking closely at both of these car’s features, although they are quite similar in price, I personally think that the Jaguar E-pace just pips the Mercedes A Class to the post. The safety features of the E-Pace are out of this world, and with its sturdy and robust yet stylish body, we would be more than happy to travel a family in this car.

If you’d like to speak to us about leasing these cars, or any other vehicle, do get in touch online, or give us a call on 01254 956666




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