The Best Van on the Market

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
The Best Van on the Market

14th April 2016

Having to carry various different weights, covering a wild amount of miles and traveling 24/7, you always need the perfect van to accompany you on your journey. There are a range of different vans available but it can be quite a task trying to find the one that suits your needs. Van leasing is a perfect way of driving the van of your dreams for an affordable price.

Ford Transit
This van is easily one of the best on the market right now. It drives with ease and is very enjoyable which is ideal for those who endure on long journeys. Its new and improved design is a lot more refined and features classy road manners which is rare for a van. Transit vans offer the driver and passengers the perfect amount of leg and head room along with an impressive amount of storage space. The Transit features a range of high technology including Bluetooth, cruise control and rear parking sensors, making those journeys that bit more enjoyable and easier.

Toyota Proace
The Toyota Proace offers various different strong engines, in order for you to find which is best for you. This easy to drive van is designed with a well laid out dashboard which is easy to navigate, along with being very well equipped. The Proace features a great amount of storage space with two sliding doors, making it easier to access the goods you’re carrying. All in all, the Proace is a very comfortable ride with its generous amount of space within the seating area, along with featuring VSC for additional safety.

Mercedes-Benz Citan
If you’re after something which is simple but stylish, everyone knows that Mercedes does this perfectly - even with their vans. The design is based on the Renault Kagoo in which Mercedes actually put the Renault to shame, as it’s more refined and drives incredibly well. There are three versions of the Citan available so you have a choice but it’s definitely the perfect small van, ideal for light work as it’s doesn’t offer a lot of storage space. Of course it’s a little costly being Mercedes, but if you’re struggling, you can lease a van which makes it more affordable for you.

Volkswagen Transporter
The Volkswagen Transporter is very car-like. Its compact size is ideal for if you’re driving on any windy town/country roads as it’s been designed with quality for a quiet and smooth drive. The Transporter features a range of safety technology along with handy driving systems including cruise control, lane change assist and hill hold assist. The dashboard is easy to use with its simple layout, nothing too complicated which is sat within a great and comfortable interior.

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