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Van Picks of the Week

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Van Picks of the Week

27th April 2016

f you spend your working life driving around but are struggling to find the perfect van for you, check out the best van picks of the week. You can always lease a van which aims to make things a lot more affordable for you than buying it outright. Van leasing is becoming a lot more popular in the UK as it provides us with a way to drive the van we want with a range of different deals available.
It can be a difficult task trying to find the right van which offers the ideal amount of storage space, correct number of seats and which is actually reliable. Fear not, there are a variety of different vans available for you to take your pick.

Ford Transit
The Ford Transit is easily the most popular van on the road right now and has been for quite a long time and for good reason. The Transit van is available in a range of different lengths in order for you to find the perfect size to suit you and features a good amount of storage. The only problem is, is that other vans do offer a little more overall storage. In terms of driving the van, it’s quite enjoyable and refined which is great for if you’re often on the road.

Vauxhall Vivaro
The Vivaro is quite similar to the Transit van but isn’t as high quality. The positives to this van is that it offers a quieter drive as it does block out the surrounding sounds. Standard equipment is featured including the electric windows and mirrors as well as DAB and ESP which also shows its high levels of safety. The interior has been improved and now you can travel with a good amount of comfort.

Citroen Berlingo
Being one of the smaller vans on the market, it still does its job surprisingly well and does actually drive better than some family sized hatchbacks which is impressive. Being the size that it is, this means that it’s very practical especially if you’re in the city and trying to find a parking space because compared to other vans, this usually is difficult. Surprisingly, the Citroen Berlingo offers a good amount of storage for such a little van, it’s definitely a good purchase.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
This van has been labelled the ‘Best van on the market’ and it definitely lives up to this title. With Mercedes being known for its luxury cars, it does keep up its appearance with the Sprinter van, as it’s as attractive as a van can be with a comfortable interior which is up to date. It’s also pretty fun to drive and features economical engines.

ford transit

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