Volkswagen Golf vs VW Polo: How do they compare?

If you come from a family with a number of boys then you will be familiar with the brotherly rivalry that can come between younger and older brothers so how does the smaller Volkswagen Polo compare against its larger sibling, the Golf? Which hatchback has bragging rights, and more importantly, who has won access to your hard earned cash when it comes to comparing lease deals on these German favourites?


When all is said and done, there is not a massive difference in size between the VW Polo and the VW Golf. Sure, the golf looks bigger on the drive but one is classified as a small car and one as a compact so neither of them are monstrous by any means. In terms of height, there is a 6mm difference and the Golf is less than 4 cm wider than the Polo. When it comes to length, the VW Golf has the edge however with 20,5cm more but, let’s face it, that’s only the length of two-thirds of a ruler – not exactly massive.

What this translates into is more legroom for rear seat passengers and that is an important factor if you regularly ferry a crew of teenagers or adults so advantage Golf, but only if you need the passenger space.


Engines are a really interesting factor when you compare the Golf and the Polo. Let’s get the fastest bragging rights out of the way. The VW Golf 2.0 Litre TSI 310 BHP R was always going to win this, doing 0-62 mph in a scintillating 4.6 seconds. In contrast, the VW Polo 2.0 litre TSI GTI with 200 BHP takes 6.7 seconds but that can hardly be described as pedestrian! Bragging rights are all very well but the price tag on the faster brother is a good £12k more so it’s not all one-sided.

Both of these Volkswagens have a huge array of other engines as well. The VW Polo has a nice and frugal 1.0 petrol that only produces 108g/km of CO2 emissions and just under 60 mpg while the Golf has a 1.2 TSI petrol that has 113 g/km of CO2 emissions and a similar miles per gallon rating. Advantage to the Golf though if you are looking for a pure electric…step forward the VW e-Golf with 135 BPH and a manufacturer’s stated range of 144 miles.


Both the VW Polo and the VW Golf have solid and welcoming interiors with the Polo throwing out a few more funky looks with its body coloured trim on the dash and the centre console. The VW Golf is more reserved but it’s not at the expense of equipment where higher specs have aluminium trim, and an 8” infotainment system which can be upgraded to a 9.2” system with gesture control.

The VW Polo has VW’s latest infotainment offering and will of course link to your favourite smartphone. The trims match the cars with the more characterful interior of the Polo suiting the younger sibling while the more mature looks of the Golf are also well judged and everything looks like it’s in the right place and practical functionality is guaranteed with both the Golf and the Polo.


The last NCAP safety rating for the VW Golf was some time ago now…almost 7 years…but it scored highly with adult protection rated at 94% and child protection at 89% while the VW Polo was tested in 2017 and comes in at 96% and 85% respectively so both do well in the official tests.

In terms of safety kit, both have ample standard kit. The Golf has optional park assist, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and front assist with emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring while the VW Polo has very similar safety features available as well. Honours pretty even for this one.


As with most luxury German vehicles, the car’s warranties are a bit on the light side with Volkswagen committing to a two-year unlimited mileage warranty cover plus another 12 months but only up to 60,000 miles – whatever comes first. Obviously both cars share the same warranty, are known for their reliability and you can purchase an extended warranty but we can’t help but feel that the warranty should be longer on these fantastically engineered cars as there is no doubt that the likes of Kia and Hyundai steal away some of their potential customers based on the length of the warranty.


This is where it gets really tight between the Teutonic siblings. Both of these Volkswagens are so popular that we always have a full selection of new lease deals and a selection of used cars lease deals ready for you to drive away or for us to deliver to your door. If you are looking for pure value then the smaller engine, then Polo’s probably just get the edge over their larger stablemate but the top end Golf’s are overflowing with cutting edge specifications so it’s a tough choice if you want everything that pushes and pulls and raw down engine power to match.

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