The Hyundai i10: 10 reasons why ‘i’ want one

Date Posted 16th August 2019
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I spy with my little eye a Hyundai beginning with… ‘i?’

The Hyundai i10!

This city Hyundai is a stylish and fuel-efficient city car which can also be used for weekend get-away breaks and guessing games like ‘I Spy’ on long journeys with the family; or with friends on the way to a festival.

We haven’t made our way through the ENTIRE alphabet, but we play a pretty good game of engine-inspired ‘I Spy’ on the Hyundai i10 to find out why you and ‘i’ want one of these desirable city cars below:

1. I spy with my little eye something beginning with… A.


The road can be an intimidating place, especially if you’re a new driver or if you’re buckling up for a longer than usual and unfamiliar journey.

You still need to have your wits about you, but an Electronic Stability Programme built into the Hyundai i10 detects when you need to brake, whether it’s during sudden movements or sharp turns. Furthermore, a Vehicle Stability Management system works alongside this, alerting you to everything from the traction value of each wheel, to if the body of New i10 is behaving itself or not.


2. Something beginning with… E.


Expected to account for 40 percent of sales is the four-cylinder 1.2-litre with 86bhp and 120Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. It’s a little more eager than the 1.0-litre versions, finishing 0-62mph dash in12.3 seconds and progressing on to a top speed of 106mph.

If saving fuel is what rules for you, then you can opt for the SE Trim which comes with a BlueDrive system to help improve efficiency. The result is a reduction in petrol consumption to 65.7mpg from 60.1mpg in the standard version, and a CO2 output of just 98g/km down from 10m8g/km in the standard car.

Low rolling resistance tyres are designed to reduce the energy loss as a tyre rolls, decreasing the required rolling effort and improving this city scooter’s fuel efficiency.

3. Something beginning with… F.


Most of us don’t know where we’d be without our mobiles and the ‘Hey Siri’ function in the Hyundai i10 is completely hands-free, so you can text and talk to your friends without breaking the law – we all know that it is illegal to use our mobile whilst driving, and the very act of reaching in your pocket could be fatal.

As you can see below, there’s ample space in the back for the friends who you are with you too.

4. Something beginning with… I.


Imagine you’re travelling back from a friend’s house late at night, or a business trip that overran. With suitcases in the back, you’ll still need to unpack when you get home and available on SE models and above is the luggage light, which automatically engages when the boot opens.

To add to that, the illuminated glove boxmakes it super quick to find CDs, or whatever else you might be looking for inside it.

5. Something beginning with… L.


Put the Hyundai i10 on the weighing scales and it will hit 933kg, which shows that it’s one of the tiniest tokens of the motor world with a tank that doesn’t need topping off too often. If we compare it with other superminis, theVolkswagen Up! weighs 940kg and theSkoda Citigo, 870kg.

The Skoda Citigo weights even less!

6. Something beginning with… N.


Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ navigation technology is second in command to the driver, pointing them in the right direction to the places that they need to go; the high-resolution 7” display Premium SE model lets you check the map in just one glance.

In adverse weather conditions, you can switch on the new projection fog lights, which are ideally positioned low in the bumper to provide better vision in foggy conditions.

7. Something beginning with…S


What can get exhausting is if the kids are cramped and complaining in the back. In the Hyundai i10, there is plenty of space for a whole clan of five and with a 252-litre boot, you won’t have to worry about suitcases imposing themselves on your passengers. The boot expands to 1,046 litres when the seats are folded down.

Up front, the driver can opt for a heated steering wheel, and heated seat functionality for him/herself and the front passenger.


8. Something beginning with… T.


Stop-start technology anticipates traffic flow and lets you accelerate, decelerate and come to a halt through jarring jams, so you’re not hovering over the clutch and brake pedal which could use up excess fuel.

9. Something beginning with… W

Warning systems

The clue that the Hyundai i10 is a swell city-dweller is in its compact size, but this is backed up by the advanced driver technologies, such as Front Collision Assist and Lane Departure Warning Assist, that work together to warn the driver of any hazards.

An Emergency Stop Signal also shows that this Hyundai i10 is tuned into its surroundings.

10. I hear with my little ear… nothing???

As well as it being comfortable inside, and nippy in its progress, it’s perfect pottering for town in that the engine is extremely quiet. It may be a miniscule noisier on the motorway when the foot is to floor on the gas, but that’s not what the Hyundai i10 is about.

It’s clear to see that it’s for the city..

It’s roomy on the inside with leeway for luggage and compact on the outside for calmly and collectively approaching and dealing with corners. To add to that, the Hyundai i10’s lightweight of 933kg maximises fuel-efficiency, and technology helps it get around town.

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