The most anticipated cars of 2024

Date Posted 21st February 2024
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As the eagerly anticipated March plate change draws near, the automotive industry prepares to witness a surge in demand for brand-new vehicles adorned with the new “24” registration.

Ahead of the change, we have delved into the data, analysing Google search volume for 342 new electric, hybrid and ICE vehicles to uncover the most sought-after makes and models.

Our analysis aims to identify which vehicles are generating substantial momentum compared to the previous year, providing valuable insights for both car manufacturers and potential buyers eager to navigate the dynamic spring market.

Nissan Qashqai 2024

Nissan Qashqai tops domestic charts for the most searched car model of the last six months in the UK

RankKeywordTotal Searches UK (Aug-Jan 2024)
1Nissan Qashqai815,000
2KIA Sportage765,000
3Audi A3685,000
4Audi A1665,500
5Ford Fiesta665,500
6Fiat 500621,000
7Volkswagen Tiguan607,000
8Ford Puma604,500
9Land Rover Defender601,500
10BMW 1 Series562,500

An analysis of the average UK monthly search volume for the past six months reveals the Nissan Qashqai as the undisputed champion, attracting a remarkable 815,000 searches in the last six months.

Interestingly, the second-place position goes to the KIA Sportage, likely accumulating 765,000 searches over the last six months due to its new efficient Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid powertrain options. Third place goes to the nation’s well-loved Audi A3; this hatchback-style car is a family favourite in the UK gathering 685,000 searches.

Ford Puma 2024

Renault Scenic E-Tech surges into the lead as the most searched car model YoY

RankKeywordYoY change (%)
1Renault Scenic E-Tech18,900
2Lexus LBX12,631
3BYD Seal3,681
4BMW LX23,015
5BYD Dolphin2,968
6Volvo EX302,505
7Honda e:Ny1823
8Smart Hashtag 1665
9BYD Atto 3653
10Lexus LM650

Hippo Leasing’s analysis of consumer interest in car models from August 2023 to January 2024, compared to the same period the previous year (August 2022 to January 2023), reveals significant shifts in preferences within the UK automotive market.

Leading the pack is the Renault Scenic E-Tech, the latest iteration of the iconic Scenic model that debuted in 1996. Despite its mature lineage, the E-Tech version has experienced a remarkable rejuvenation, with search volume rising by 18,900% year-over-year. This success can be attributed to the growing demand for electrified vehicles and the model’s ability to cater to families seeking sustainable transportation solutions.

Following closely behind is the all-new Lexus LBX, a self-charging hybrid compact SUV, boasting a 12,631% increase in search volume compared to the previous year. This significant growth underscores the continued appeal of hybrid technology and the brand’s success in capturing consumer attention in this segment.

Rounding out the top three is the BYD Seal, an all-electric saloon generating significant buzz with a 3,681% increase in searches compared to the previous year. This impressive growth showcases the increasing popularity of the Chinese car manufacturer since its UK debut in March 2023, with the Atto 3.

Tesla Model 3 2024

How does the USA compare to the UK?

An analysis of the most searched cars in the United States reveals both mirroring trends and key divergences with the United Kingdom.

In the US, it is the Tesla Model 3 that tops the most searched car leaderboard over the last six months with 3,819,000 searches. Following closely are the Honda CR-V and Honda Civic, both in joint second place with 3,669,000 searches.

But what about when we look at cars increasing in searches year-over-year (YOY)?

Notably, the Lexus LBX is popular in both markets, being the second most improved car for searches in the UK. However, it takes the lead in the US for the best YOY improvement of search interest with a 45,150% increase. Following closely is the Volvo EX30 with a 1,986% increase, and in third place in the USA is the Lexus LM with a 1,326% increase YOY.

BYD Atto 3 2024

BYD has seen the biggest interest spike amongst Asian manufacturers in the last six months

BYD has experienced the most significant surge in interest among Asian manufacturers in the last six months, according to UK search data analysed by Hippo Leasing. The top three Asian manufacturers with year-over-year growth are as follows:

Top three Asian manufacturers with YOY growth

RankManufacturerManufacturer CountryTotal Searches UK (Aug-Jan 2024)YOY change (%)
3Bahman GroupIran1,590586

While the top five positions in terms of total searches remained consistent with Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and Honda, the focus on percentage year-over-year change brought attention to some interesting findings.

BYD witnessed an 812% increase in searches, securing its top position. The Chinese giant was then followed by Luxgen, a Taiwanese manufacturer founded in 2009, which experienced an 809% surge, likely influenced by the introduction of its new N3 model in 2023. Rounding off the top three was the Bahman Group from Iran, which secured a 586% increase in searches.

Top 10 large Asian manufacturers with YOY growth

RankManufacturerManufacturer CountryTotal Searches UK (Aug-Jan 2024)YOY change (%)
3Devel SixteenUnited Arab Emirates2260086

When restricting the analysis to large Asian manufacturers with a minimum of 10,000 searches in the UK over the last six months, the top 10 show that, beyond BYD, Chery emerges as the leader with a 140% increase. Following in third place is Devel Sixteen from the United Arab Emirates with an 86% surge.

While the top 10 features manufacturers from Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UAE, China’s dominance with seven out of ten spots underscores its undeniable leadership in Asian automotive manufacturing.

‘65 Lincoln Continental is the most famous presidential state vehicle

In preparation for the upcoming presidential election, Hippo Leasing analysed US Google search data from August 2023 to January 2023, specifically focusing on presidential cars.

The analysis revealed the 1965 Lincoln Continental Presidential Limousine as the most searched presidential car within the six-month period, totalling approximately 47,100 searches. Notably, this specific limousine was introduced during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Later iterations, including the iconic 1969 model associated with President Nixon, secured second place with a total average search volume of 39,600 searches. Interestingly, the 1972 version used by Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan received a lower total average of 15,900 searches, landing it in third place.

RankKeywordJan 24 Total Search VolumeAug 23-Jan 24 Total Search Volume
11965 Lincoln Continental8,10047,100
21969 Lincoln Continental6,60039,600
31972 Lincoln Continental2,90015,900
41989 Lincoln Town Car2,90015,900
51993 Cadillac Fleetwood1,6009,900
62005 Cadillac DTS4802,700
71950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan3201,810
82001 Cadillac DTS2601,360
91983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham1701,030
101961 Lincoln Continental SS 100 X20110
112009 Cadillac One1050
122011 Ground Force One030
131939 Lincoln Sunshine Special00
141942 Lincoln Custom00
152018 Cadillac The Beast00


Hippo Leasing analysed Google search data of 342 new electric, hybrid and ICE models available on the website. The data collection period spanned the last six months, from August 2023 to January 2024. They were then able to filter for the top 10 most-searched-for models in both the UK and USA. The same methodology was used to find the search volume of the presidents’ state cars.

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