Five Of The Best For First Time Drivers

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Five Of The Best For First Time Drivers

5th November 2014

It’s harder than it has ever been for young drivers as insurance prices are still expensive and the price of fuel remains costly. So, it makes sense to keep things sensible for your first vehicle and find something that doesn’t guzzle gas for fun. Here are Hippo’s choice of top 5 cars for first time drivers…

The cute Peugeot 107 is a popular choice for young drivers due to low running costs and cheap insurance. It’s a great little city car for first time drivers who aren’t looking for something too big. Yes, this compact city car may not have bags of space but it makes up for this in many other ways. The modern design of the 107 means it’s a lot more attractive than past Peugeot’s and its high quality interior looks more expensive than it really is. The funky interior is perfect for the younger generation with its unusual heather controls that glow orange at night and the ‘pod style’ speedometer. This ‘funky’ look is carried through to the exterior as well as it comes in some snazzy colours such as yellow, red and blue. Very chic. Although the Peugeot 107 only has a 1 litre engine it delivers a ‘nippy’ performance and this means insurance is low! Along with insurance being low for the 107, tax is too at just £20 per year! Here at Hippo car leasing, we are offering the Peugeot 107 for just £117.96 per month including VAT. Bargain!

Another popular choice of car for new drivers is the Volkswagen Up! Not only is it economical, it’s spacious and a pleasure to drive. It remains one of the best city cars on sale today. Despite it only being a small city car it’s surprisingly roomy and although the interior is simple it feels stylish and expensive. The Up is equipped with colour-coded bumpers to give the model a ‘fun’ impression, CD player and an aux cable. Everything you need for your first car is here in the VW up! Low running costs are essential for first time drivers and this has exactly that. A 1 litre engine means the Up isn’t the largest but this means insurance will be low and tax too! Perfect. This fashionable city car is available at Hippo personal car leasing for just £107.96 per month including VAT!

The Toyota Aygo is a great new car for first time drivers too. What car said ‘The Aygo is cheap to fuel and tax, and mid-range X-Play models are well equipped and have some nice cabin touches’. The interior of the vehicle is quirky and well-designed too. This is carried through to the exterior too giving it a ‘cool’ feel. The sharp handing of the Aygo means driving it is a doddle too so you can sit back and relax. It’s also packed full of all the latest kit so you are definitely getting value for money. Like the Peugeot 107, the Aygo has a 1 litre engine so could be a little cheaper than some models such as the Clio. At £128.83 including VAT per month you can pick up a Toyota Aygo here at Hippo.

‘Auto Car’ said ‘the Clio has found and enjoyed a youthful, vibrant image over the years and here at Hippo we completely agree. The Clio’s image is bold and fresh, perfect for new and young drivers looking for something a bit different. Options such as bodywork decals and matching colour schemes for the paint, wheels and interior all available too on the Renault Clio. This attractive appearance is carried over to the interior too as the Clio receives a brand new seven inch tablet screen integrated into the dash. Very smart. Being a 1.2 litre engine means insurance won’t be ridiculously expensive and running costs will be low. The Clio is accurate, smooth and practical. A great car for young drivers buying their first car. Pick one up at Hippo today for just £137.88 per month including VAT!

renault clio

A little more powerful than the 107 is the newest Ford ‘K-A’ or ‘KA’ as some may say. This ‘bold and energetic’ little machine is just that. Just like the 107, it isn’t world’s biggest car however it is packed with kit. The interior of the Ford KA may be simple but it’s fun, just like the exterior. Its smoother and sharper shape makes the KA look more modern and it comes in an array of colours too! Fantastic! Driving the KA is easy thanks to all its new safety features such as rear parking sensors, which is great for you first time drivers out there who need a bit of help. Although, the KA isn’t the cheapest to buy it is economical and cheap to tax so you do save on running costs! You can grab the KA here at Hippo used car leasing for just £155.98 including VAT!

Browse our site for more information and more great cars for first time drivers! If perhaps, you’re a bit short on cash and wouldn’t want to pay a lump sum up front then visit no deposit car leasing!

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