The Pros and Cons of Van Leasing

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
The Pros and Cons of Van Leasing

1st July 2016

When running a business that requires vans for the job, the decision on where to acquire them can be difficult. What is the best, most efficient and the cheapest way of getting maybe just one van or a fleet of vans?

You may have considered hiring or even buying vans, however leasing vans has recently become a very popular choice. Van lease deals have many pros and only a few cons and we have an infographic to demonstrate just that.

Pros of van leasing

When taking a lease agreement out on a van, you will have fixed, predictable monthly costs as well as having a low or maybe even no deposit.

If you are interested in upgrading your vans or the agreement itself, there is flexibility regarding updating your vans depending upon what has been agreed in the agreement terms.

If you are leasing your vans and don’t wish to deal with the depreciation and selling of the vans, then you can simply hand them back.

There are lower maintenance and repair costs for your vans when you lease them.

You don’t have to be concerned about trading the vans in, you can simple hand them back.

No matter if you have excellent credit or poor credit, when it comes to van leasing, all credit is considered.

You may think that to lease a van, you will get an old, used van, however that is not the case. With Van leasing you can get new makes and models as well as the already popular models.

Cons of van leasing

If you find you very much like your vans and are keen on owning them, unfortunately you only have that option if you take out a personal contract purchase agreement (PCP).

If you are taking out one van or a fleet of vans, you must still determine the mileage for each van from the get-go.

If you find that you want to terminate your van leasing agreement instead of upgrading it, there will be a cost for early termination of the contract.

Van leasing can be an excellent choice for businesses looking for the best way of getting vans. There are pros and cons to be deliberated over.

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