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Finding a deal should be as fun as driving your Fiat!

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Fiat personal leasing is the most practical way to rent a unique, fun and quirky vehicle that’ll make you stand out on the road and keep your bank balance healthy. Lease with the most affordable and accommodating leasing company in the UK!

Plus, there’s a reason our lease deals are popular – you can get a Fiat for under £273 a month. We think cheap lease deals and quality cars go together like gin and tonic.

We have hundreds of Fiat lease deals available on cars such as the cheerful and charming Fiat 500 to the more pragmatic and unique Panda. 

Browse our current lease deals and find the Fiat deal that gets you excited. And if you can’t see the car you’re looking for, submit an enquiry, and we’ll do everything we can to get you behind the wheel.

The Hippo Commitment

The Hippo Commitment

Tick 1000's of car leasing deals to compare
Tick Expert one to one help when you need it
Tick Trusted by 1000’s of satisfied customers

How does Fiat Personal and Business Leasing Work?

Leasing a Fiat is a savvy move if you're after a car that's all about Italian style and efficiency. It's a top choice whether you're leasing for yourself or for your business. You'll get to drive off in a brand-new Fiat without having to pay a big lump sum upfront or commit to buying the car outright. If you're a business, leasing could also give you some tax benefits, fixed costs each month, and the chance to upgrade to the latest models. And if you're leasing for yourself, you'll get to enjoy a new car every few years, without having to worry about it losing value or the hassle of selling it on.

Why lease a fiat?

Discover the essence of italian charm with fiat, a brand renowned for crafting cars that combine delightful driving experiences, unmistakable character, and unwavering reliability. Whatever your requirements may be, fiat offers a diverse lineup of vehicles designed to meet your needs perfectly. Seeking a nimble and efficient companion for city living? Fiat has the ideal solution. Yearning for a larger vehicle with ample space to accommodate your entire family? Look no further. Whether you're leasing a car for personal enjoyment or for your business needs, fiat guarantees to provide you with the perfect match.

Which Fiat 500 model is best to lease: Rockstar, Sport, or Dolcevita?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your leasing application should only take 1-2 days to process. If you’re leasing a brand-new car, delivery time depends on the manufacturer. Delivery can take anything up to six months for a brand-new vehicle due to manufacturing times. However, if you’ve registered your car of choice or we have it in stock, delivery could take a few days.
If you’re leasing a new car, you’ll have a manufacturer’s warranty from the production date, which is three years on a Fiat car. If you’re going for an older vehicle, we’ll add a three-month complimentary and comprehensive warranty giving you complete peace of mind.
If you think you’ll be unable to lease a car because of your credit score or lack of downpayment, we’re happy to tell you you’re wrong! We work with people from various credit and financial backgrounds and help them get the car they want. The best thing to do is get in touch with our team and discuss your requirements.
It all depends on what model Fiat you would like to lease, although Fiat isn't the most expensive car manufacturer when it comes to leasing – we have deals under £150, so you can get a deal that suits your budget.
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