Smart Car Lease Deals

Smart was set up to cater to the microcar and subcompact sector of the auto landscape and the brand is aimed at drivers who want a stylish and economical small car. For those that have driven these automobiles, it is evident that the German car brand delivers exactly that! At Hippo Leasing you can choose from a selection of smart cars to be the proud lessee of. Browse our deals for the smart fortwo coupe, the smart forfour hatchback and for sportier drivers, the smart fortwo cabrio is a fantastic car. No matter whether you are looking for business or personal lease deal or contract hire agreement, our leases for these cars are fantastic- what's more we deliver nationwide too! If you would like to know more about signing a lease on these fun small cars, the Hippo team will be happy to answer your smart car questions - call us today at 01254 956 666 or enquire online through the form on our deal pages.

How Does Smart Car Personal and Business Leasing Work?

Personal and Business leasing options are available for Smart cars. Personal leasing is good as it offers the freedom to drive a new car every few years, with lower monthly payments compared to buying. Business leasing on the other hand, allows for better cash flow management and grants businesses access to the latest models without the depreciation concerns.

Smart, a German car brand, is renowned for its stylish and economical small cars, making it an excellent choice for both personal and business leasing. With a focus on the microcar and subcompact sector, Smart cars are perfect for city driving, offering excellent fuel efficiency, easy parking, and a surprisingly spacious interior for their size.  

Why Lease a Smart Car?

Smart cars are not just about compact size and fuel efficiency; they are also about style, innovation, and sustainability. The brand's commitment to eco-friendly motoring is evident in their range of electric vehicles, offering zero-emission driving without compromising on performance or style. Furthermore, Smart cars are packed with advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience. With their distinctive design, Smart cars stand out on the road, making them a smart choice for those who value individuality and character in a car. 

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