Audi Q8 Lease Deals

What do you get when you cross a luxury saloon (the Audi A8) with a large SUV in Coupe form? The new Audi Q8! It doesn't really sound like it should workbut it does - in spades! The secret to making such an unholy alliance work isattention to detail, top class engineering and the Q brand which is now so established that we accept a new, bigger Q version not only on sight but also because we know that quality and reliability are part of the deal. All Q8's benefit from Quattro/all-wheel drive with a standard locking central diff to take you places that the Q8 is built for but we suspect will rarely see i.e. steep hills and muddy tracks. The launch engine is a 3 litre diesel with 286bhp with another less powerful 3.0 litre diesel to follow shortly along with petrol V6 reputed to produce 340bhp. The tech and spec are almost too much to consider in this Audi SUV but highlights include high definition matrix LED headlights, twin touch screens with haptic feedback, heated front sports seats, 21-inch alloys and adaptive air Sport suspension. A vehicle of this type is not by any means inexpensive. That's where Hippo Leasing comes in as we have a huge selection of new and nearly new vehicles available on lease deals. Our prestige site, does a great job of demonstrating our real stock and we have access to thousands of fantastic lease deals including for the Audi Q8. Please call us on 01254 956 666 or email for a stunning quote.
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