Audi R8 Lease Deals

What hasn't been written about the previous version of the Audi R8? Journalists, owners and on- lookers fell over themselves to give it glowing reviews and endorsements. What would luxury car brand Audi do next? Make the R8 more accessible? No, they doubled down with the new Audi R8 to make it not so much the flag ship (too many Audi's like the A8 can claim this distinction) but the flag bearer - a car that Audi can send out at the head of their Olympic contingent and saybeat that! This flag bearer has a 5.2-litre, normally aspirated, petrol engine available in 2 power outputs, 540 PS or alternatively, the Goliath version, with 610 PS. Either way, your chiropractor is rubbing his hands unless you are used to back strengthening exercises and work your core as hard as the R8 accelerates with a shove in your back that puts a smile on your face. Getting from 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds is all very well but you need to do so in style. Thankfully, style is not an issue for Audi and the R8, which comes in Coupe or Spider (convertible) form, is dripping in leather, carbon and aluminium plus useful tech such as LED headlights, sports seats, 19-inch alloys and a virtual cockpit that is to die for. Hippo Leasing is experienced in supplying Audi R8's and we pride ourselves on our real new and used vehicles, found on our prestige site We supply amazing lease deals on the Audi R8. Please call us on 01254 956 666 or email
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