BMW 7 Series Lease Deals

It's big, it's bold and it takes orders without question. Gesture control orders that is. BMW uses the 7 Series to launch new tech which then trickles down the range and Gesture control allows you to use the smallest hand gestures to tell the smooth beast what to do like dismiss an incoming call or change the volume on the stereo! That's not all in the innovation stakes, you can park the car standing outside it and the Welcome Light Carpet will light a path to your front door.clever chaps these Germans. There are 3 petrol engines, 2 diesels and the 740e plug in which, for a Limo, comes in at 134.5 mpg and 49g/km CO2. Golly! You can lease a long or short wheel base. The long base moves the 7 Series into seriously commodious Limo territory while 4 wheel X Drive is also an option. It drives like a dream, or more accurately a dream powered by angels floating on clouds. So the BMW 7 series takes comfort and technology to the max, has real driver appeal and amazing efficiencyis this the best 4 door Saloon money can buy? If you are in the market for a BMW 7 then you will appreciate quality, knowledge and precision. You can trust Hippo to deliver on all 3 and we are noted experts in prestige cars as a quick glance at our premium focused site will confirm. Call us today on 01254 956 666 to speak to a dedicated account manager or email us at
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