Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Deals

Let's face it, when it comes to having a 4x4, the Range Rover (reviewed separately) is an amazing vehicle and the ubiquitous black beast shooting down the outside of UK motorways is as British as fish and chips. And that's the issue, there are so many of them that they have become commonplace. But what to buy instead that has real off road cred, space to burn and refinement in all the right placeswe give you the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee is imposing on the road and a proven off road monster. The current version, a Night Eagle, sits on a Mercedes subframe and has a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine with eight speed auto transmission that powers it from 0-62 in 8.2 seconds with CO2 emissions of 184 g/km. Combined fuel consumption is listed at 40.4 mpg. The Grand Cherokee also makes a great towing vehicle and is rated to tow 3,500 Kgs with its low down pulling power and anti sway assist. The Jeep model comes standard with 20 Aluminium Black wheels, Capri Black Leather trimmed seats, 9 speaker sound system and a 8.4 smart touch Navigation system with Bluetooth. The Grand Cherokee is most refined on the road but the four-wheel drive car saves the best for off-road where the car's select terrain traction control is specifically set up for rock, snow, mud, sand etc. The Jeep Grand Cherokee represents a real choice for those who want all that the competition can bring but individuality as well. Call us today on 01254 956 666 or email us at for great Grand Cherokee lease deals.
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