The new Suzuki Jimny with its early 2019 release date gets way more column inches than the launch of a cheap off-roader should but that's because it's so downright cute and the Jimny has been pleasing all comers since the 1970's and has built up a strong and vocal fan base. Expect to see the Jimny driven by hard working Welsh farmers driving their produce to Saturday market and by Slone Square rebels in bomber jackets on their way to a Fulham match - the Jimny has no airs and graces but is loved by all types. If you shrank down a Mercedes G Class, got rid of all the expensive internal kit but kept the shell, you could be in the Jimny; just compare the external pictures side by side and its uncannyexcept the Suzuki 4x4 is likely to cost from 13,000 and the other has extras that cost more. The engine is mooted to be 1.5-litre petrol with just over 101bhp. The top speed of 90mph is unlikely to get petrol heads excited but you are not buying a Jimny to show off at the track and last time we looked the speed limit was considerably less. Expected CO2 emissions of around 150-160g/km which won't get the greens completely onside but it's not terrible and just think of how cool it will look! Hippo Leasing is front of queue when it comes to getting market leading lease deals which means you are too! Simply call us on 01254 956 666 or email