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New thinking, new possibilities

When you think of Hyundai, ridiculous luxury probably doesn’t come to mind. But recent cars show Hyundai can make cars with both style and substance. 

And while asking a Hyundai owner what they love about their car will probably bring up glowing practicality and dependability reviews, most Hyundai owners will love the look of their vehicle, too.

When you look at Hyundai’s values, it’s clear to see why their customers speak so highly of them:

  • Progression – the attitude of progress, no matter what. They’re curious and always want to chase the next big thing. Hyundai means ‘modern times’.
  • Future-oriented – Hyundai’s progressive nature means they have one foot in the future at all times, which is why they’ve already produced three sleek electric cars and counting.
  • Dependability – Hyundai cars are well-known for their reliability, appealing to drivers as nobody likes a broken car!

Hyundai’s philosophy shows in its vehicles, from the quirky-looking Kona to the practical Ioniq. We offer new and used Hyundai vehicles so that you can get the car you want from one of the most reliable, progressive car manufacturers on the planet. 

Keep browsing to see some of our best Hyundai deals and learn what types of lease agreements are available.

Types of Hyundai leasing
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Leasing FAQs

Types of Hyundai Leasing

Personal leasing

We have a Hyundais to suit your lifestyle, whether you need space for your kids or you’re looking for a city commuter car. A personal lease deal is a lease contract that’s created around you! And getting one with Hippo is simple; select the model that fits your specifications and budget, choose your contract length, organise your monthly payments and return your car when the contract ends.

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Business leasing

If you’re leasing for business use, you’ll want a car that’s reliable and dependable, which is why Hyundai is perfect. Hippo can source private or fleet vehicles depending on your requirements. We have a range of new and used Hyundai vehicles for you to choose from, so you’ll always find the Hyundai car that’s suitable for your business.

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No deposit leasing

If you don’t have the money to put down a deposit for your Hyundai, we can help you get on the road by offering a no deposit deal. What’s more, you don’t have to pay anything towards your finance for 30 days, giving you time to save up for your first payment. However, if you want to use an old car as a deposit, you can use our part-exchange scheme.

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Bad credit leasing

If your credit score is low, you can still get a Hyundai lease deal by accessing one of our bad credit deals. We work with a range of customers from different financial backgrounds, so we’re confident we can help you get the car of your dreams. Get started by using our free soft credit check that has no impact on your credit score to determine what type of deals are available to you.

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In Stock Hyundai
Drive Away The Same Day!

If your eager to get on the road, the quickest way to do it is by applying for your finance and picking a vehicle that’s already in stock. We have plenty of Hyundai vehicles that you can browse. To get your car quickly, you need to:

Browse our range of in-stock Hyundai and choose the one you love.
Fill in our online enquiry form or give us a phone call.
We’ll send the paperwork by email; check it, sign and email it back.
Collect your car from our showroom the same day.

We can also deliver your car anywhere in the UK for a small cost. Get in touch today and get the Hyundai you want!

All in stock Hyundai lease deals

Hyundai leasing FAQs

Yes, Hyundai has a reputation for being a reliable car, which they’ve built over many decades. They’re cheaper than high-range brands like Audi and BMW but will compare similarly to other brands like Ford and Nissan.

It all depends on what you want from the car; if you want a fuel-efficient commuter car, you’d be better off with a Hyundai i10, whereas if you do many weekends travelling or have a big family, you may want to consider the Tucson.

Hyundai cars are well-known for having plenty of longevity in them even after they’ve reached 100,000 miles. While you won’t lease a vehicle with that mileage on it, it’s good to know you’re renting a reliable car.

Hyundai offers a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, so if you lease a car in that period, you’re covered by the warranty.

Hyundai is most famous for building durable cars, but they’re also known for making safe and secure vehicles.

Hyundai’s electric cars include the Kona, IONIQ and NEXO. Their hybrid options include Tucson, Kona and IONIQ. Plus, you can expect more hybrid and EVs from them in the future.