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Last Updated: 20th Feb 2017

When electric car automaker Tesla produced the original Roadster using the Lotus Elise chassis, Tesla’s drive train and lithium-ion batteries back in 2008 it was the start of a brave new world when it came to electric vehicles.


Fast forward to today and Tesla has four EV’s in production, and it’s worthwhile recognising that the company have done all their work, gathering evangelical followers along the way, in less than a decade and while there may have been some hiccups along the way, the quality of their vehicles along with their steadfast plan to deliver emissions free vehicles for all is remarkable.


The Model X with all-wheel drive and a 100kWh battery providing over 350 miles range, seating for up to 7 adults and a 2.9 second 0-60 miles per hour time is a pioneer plus it looks the futuristic part with its pterodactyl wing like doors. with your requirements for a fantastic lease deal.

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