Bentley hybrid cars: All-new Bentayga S and Azure launched

Date Posted 28th September 2022
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Luxury brand Bentley has expanded its premium hybrid range with the addition of two new high-performance models. The introduction of the Bentley Bentayga S and the Bentley Bentayga Azure hybrid cars has increased the Volkswagen-owned British Car Company’s hybrid range to 50 per cent of its total vehicle offerings – with seven out of 14 models now available with a Hybrid powertrain.

The master craftsmen at Bentley have created two new designs, each with a different focus, but both with the same extraordinary emphasis on luxury, performance, comfort and high-end detail.

With the Bentayga S’s sporty performance and the Azure’s attention to comfort and support, patrons of this premium brand can select the option that best suits their personal preference and lifestyle. No matter the choice, anyone lucky enough to find themselves behind the wheel of either of these vehicles will get to enjoy the superior performance that is synonymous with the Bentley experience.

Bentayga S Hybrid: Exterior and interior design

The Bentley Bentayga S Hybrid

The Bentayga S Hybrid is a four-door, deluxe SUV that features a bold, performance-centred exterior design. The sporty nature of this Bentley’s construction is complemented by the eye-catching Blackline specification – with all polished metal exterior body finishes being replaced by black detailing, including the radiator grille, door mirrors and side sills. Dark-tinted headlamps along with the Speed-style front bumper amplify this refined look, with only the iconic Bentley badge shining brightly at the front and centre.

At the flanks, the elegant lines of the Bentayga S flow from bonnet to boot, underscored by striking 22-inch wheels, showcasing scythe shaped spokes. This distinctive spoke design comes with the option of silver, black, or black and polished metal finishes. This prominent feature, combined with the contrasting bright red-painted brake callipers, hint at the on-road intentions of this immaculately designed vehicle.

At the backend, a prominent Speed-style tailgate spoiler, dark-tinted taillights and black split-oval tailpipes, help to finish off the exceptional exterior design in style.

The interior of the Bentayga S showcases an equally bold and elegantly crafted design, with its comfortable and spacious character complimented by an array of unique, modern features. The aesthetically pleasing nature of the interior layout is enhanced by the presence of top-shelf materials including a suede-style Dinamica finish. This design element is available in a variety of tasteful, split-complementary colour schemes, meticulously selected to enhance the car’s sporty personality.

Additional noteworthy interior elements include fluted seating along with the ‘S’ emblems located on the fascia, treadplates and headrests that add further touches of class to an already immaculate layout.

The state-of-the-art driver digital instrumentation has been created to augment the driving experience of the Bentayga S. Included in this setup are various dials, dedicated to increasing the SUV’s performance. To assist the driver in monitoring the vehicle’s capabilities, a PHEV power meter has been included within the rev counter.

Bentayga S Hybrid: Performance and output

The 2023 Bentayga S Hybrid combines sportscar level performance with the ample advantages of a top-quality, electrified powertrain.

The 3.0-litre TFSI V6 petrol engine, combined with the 100 kW electric motor-generator and 18.0 kWh battery, delivers an output of 462 PS (456 bhp). This means the Bentayga S can effortlessly surge from 0 – 62 miles per hour in a mere 5.3 seconds and is capable of producing a top speed of 158 mph.  

The raw power of this brawny Bentley is intensified by the hybrid powertrain, as the electric motor is capable of delivering its maximum torque from zero revolutions per minute.

Whilst in Sport mode, the Bentayga S delivers an even more potent performance – an experience that is enriched by sporty sound enhancements in the engine bay. Additional sounds emanating from the brand specific, Hybrid Sports Exhaust, can be individually tuned for the front and rear sections of the SUV, adding to the car’s captivating chorus – further stimulating the senses.

Bentayga Azure Hybrid: Exterior and interior design

The Bentley Bentayga Azure Hybrid

Although Bentley has prioritised comfort and wellbeing with the new Bentayga Azure Hybrid, the exterior design has far from been neglected, with this model still boasting an imposing yet elegant appearance.

This luxury SUV’s exterior is characterised by its graceful lines and solid stance. Showcasing bright chrome lower bumper grilles, classy Azure badging, and ‘jewel’ oil and fuel filter caps, this model certainly upholds the exclusive nature of the Bentley brand.

‘Cut crystal’ LED matrix headlamps are fitted as standard and provide exceptional illumination for night-time driving. 22-inch, ten-spoke wheels add to the premium feel of the exterior and contribute greatly toward the vehicle’s outstanding on-road performance. Further noteworthy external features include the prominent wing vent, and the light-catching chrome sills.

The 2023 Bentayga Azure Hybrid is available in three beautiful finishes, all exclusive to the Azure model.

With the Azure’s primary focus being on the comfort and wellbeing of all occupants, Bentley’s award-winning designers have made sure to included a multitude of features, specifically designed to enhance the luxurious nature of this premium SUV.

Combining artisan techniques with the latest digital technology, Bentley have created a cocoon of comfort in their well-crafted cabin. Front Seat Comfort Specification offers up to 22-way adjustability and comes complete with both heating and ventilation functions. The perfectly shaped, dual-tone, multi-adjustable steering wheel is another feature that offers temperature control. A novel internal feature is Bentley’s ‘B’ foot pedals that are unique to the brand.

‘Wellness quilting’, featured in the Azure’s interior makeup, includes diamond quilted upholstery that provides both visual and tactile appeal. Three exclusive open-pore, hand-finished veneers, including Koa, Dark Walnut and Crown-Cut Walnut, are offered as alternatives to Bentley’s wide range of high gloss finishes.

Further adding to the lavish nature of the interior is the Azure emblem, located on the seat embroidery, fascia and treadplates, along with the ambient mood lighting and Dark Tint, Diamond-Brushed Aluminium finishes. 

Available with four, five or even seven seats, the Bentayga Azure Hybrid is more than a pretty face – it is a versatile and practical luxury SUV.

Bentayga Azure Hybrid: Performance and output

Despite the Azure being a creation of comfort, it’s more than capable of delivering an exhilarating on-road performance with its powerful 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine combined with an advanced electric motor. 

Perhaps the most impressive features of the Azure Hybrid’s performance are the ride comfort, and the NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). Extensive research by Bentley shows that excessive traffic noise can lead to a risk of depression. This inspired the designers to create an internal environment that is up to 26 percent quieter than its competitors, thereby ensuring the wellbeing of their customers.

Another focus point of the Azure’s performance was the ride quality. Bentley’s designers know – the smoother the ride, the calmer the occupants remain throughout a journey. At average road speeds within the frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 Hz, the Bentayga EMB boasts a secondary ride vibration of up to 27 percent lower than its competitors. Additionally, many other external factors that influence stress were considered when defining the ‘wellbeing behind the wheel’ concept incorporated into the makeup of the Bentayga Azure Hybrid.

The Touring Specification of the driver assistance systems has been designed to further enhance the occupants’ sense of well-being. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Traffic Assist, along with Bentley’s onboard radar and camera systems, all work together to ensure the safest environment possible.

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