F1 meets magic: Broomsticks inspired by iconic car brands

Date Posted 1st March 2023
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Ever wanted to travel by broomstick? Broomsticks are a magical mode of transportation in many fictional stories. But what if the fantasy of broomstick travel went beyond the books and stories and became a reality in the future?

Flying cars are rumoured to be available for sale within the next five to ten years, so who is to say that broomsticks aren’t the future? But if this was the case, it is unlikely that they would look like the traditional broom we have come to know and love, with twigs and a long wooden handle.

Here at Hippo Leasing, we have designed vehicle broomsticks inspired by the most iconic car brands on the market today.

Visualised: Broomsticks inspired by iconic car brands

VooDoo Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle was in production for 65 years, the longest any vehicle has ever been produced in history. The vehicle had a soft round shape, and its iconic curves helped it sell over 21 million units.

The VooDoo Beetle could well be the most sold broom in years to come.

Tesla’s Cyberbroom

Tesla has revolutionised the tech and motor space in the last decade, and the Cyberbroom could be set to do the same in the world of magic. Tesla has big goals to create self driving cars – self-flying brooms may be easier with the help of a magical spell.

The Tesla Roadster was Tesla’s first vehicle that debuted in 2008. It was designed to demonstrate that an EV could outperform an ICE by being faster, and more economical. It wasn’t the world’s most economical car, but it made a strong statement.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a futuristic Blade Runner-esque look to it. This is what we envision for a future Tesla Cyberbroom.

Magical Mini

The original Mini was voted as the best British car of all time, beating the original Range Rover and the Jaguar E Type. A popular model, the Mini Cooper, is known for its unique look and racecar-like quality.

John Cooper saw enormous potential for the Mini and convinced his friend, the founder of Mini, to prepare the Mini for several racing competitions across Europe, forming the Mini Cooper. Take a look at how we believe Mini would design their broomstick if they became the new form of transport. The Magical Mini embodies everything quintessentially British, just like the car it was inspired by! However, the bodywork of a classic MINI now forms the handle of the magic world’s most British broom.

Fantasy Ferrari

The premium car brand Ferrari has a rich racing history, holding the title of the most successful F1 team in history. So, it is only right that Ferrari has the potential to release a speedy flying broomstick.

This broom could rival some of the fastest brooms on the market, but could it rival its great-great grandfather model, the Ferrari Enzo, which reaches a top speed of 218mph, the fastest Ferrari ever created?

Paranormal Porsche

Porsche was established by Ferdinand Porsche in Germany in 1931. The Porsche 911 is one of the greatest sports cars ever built and Porsche’s most successful car.

The image associated with owning a Porsche 911 helped propel the brand to where it is today.

Introducing the future symbol of wealth, the Paranormal Porsche broomstick.

Aston Magic

Aston Martin is an exclusive sports car brand. It is known for its heritage and style. Every Aston Martin vehicle is made by hand, right down to the stitching on the interior. This is unique in the 21st century where almost all other car manufacturers are using machinery to mass-produce vehicles.

Aston Martin’s are known for their speed, with almost every modern model reaching speeds of over 200mph. We have no doubt if they created a flying broomstick it could be one of the fastest on the magical market.

Visualised: Broomsticks inspired by F1 cars

With the 2023 Formula 1 season officially underway, wouldn’t it be cool to see how some of the most reputed F1 car manufacturers could potentially create a broomstick? Here, we’ve created broomsticks imagined in F1 style from some of the top teams on the grid.

Red Bull

Leading the line in pole position we have the Red Bull broomstick. This broomstick’s styling includes the iconic F1 airtake that sits above the driver, as well as Red Bull’s front wing and a pair of real wings to refer to Red Bull’s slogan of “it gives you wings”.


Next up we have the black and stealthy looking Mercedes-Benz broomstick. It features the classic black colour, which the team has switched back to this year, making this the perfect broomstick for the darker wizards and witches.

The broom also features the iconic F1 “halo”, which protects the drivers if the car would roll over on track, converted in to the broomstick as almost like a set of handlebars.


Following closely behind is the McLaren broomstick with the either love it or hate it orange and blue livery.

The broomstick comes fitted with the McLaren spoiler, halo, and front wing, all to give this broomstick the ultimate handling responsiveness.


And last but by no means least, we have the rocket red Ferrari broomstick, which almost looks as good as the gorgeous F1 car the Italian manufacturer has put on the track this year.

This broomstick comes with the iconic styling of a Ferrari with a nod to the prancing horse, adding in a horse tail-like brush at the rear and added stirrups to help the riding witch or wizard corner like a real Ferrari driver.

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